16 Gift Ideas That’ll Make You The Fave Parent

December 16, 2015

Keep the kids happy with these next-level Christmas gifts.

Still madly scrambling to find the perfect gift from Santa, or just looking for something to entertain the kids these school holidays? Either way, no parent, uncle, aunt or grandparent wants to be that relative who year after year gives all the kids terrible gifts.

So if you’re prepared to up the ante, get inspired by our fave hand-picked Christmas gifts for kids this year, sure to score you (or Santa) extra brownie points…

1. CleverDIY Jewellery Making Kit


“This is the perfect gift for any parent who wants to get creative and involved with their kids this Christmas. Everything you need to design and paint jewellery is included in the one kit. Bonus; it even comes with a mess mat to make sure everything stays clean.”

Nadine Dilong, Content producer

Buy it here.

2. LaDeDah Demi Deer


“I love this super cute cuddle toy for little ones. I’ve given a few of these to friends with small kids and they’ve been a hit with both parties.”

Nadia Stennet, SHESAID Editor

Buy it here.

3. Thermos Funtainer


“The hot and cold Thermos Funtainers can take whatever abuse my kids can throw at them – and that’s a lot – and remain resolutely leak free. I also love that they’re made of stainless steel so I don’t have to worry about BPA nasties! And the bright butterfly design has my five year-old daughter swooning.”

Aleney de Winter, SHESAID Parenting writer

Buy it here.

4. Ridley’s Utopia Balloon Modelling Kit


“This kit is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face this Christmas when you start making weird and wonderful balloon models. Super easy to use, it’s recommended for kids older than six but fun for the whole family.”

Isabelle Gillespie, SHESAID Editorial assistant

Buy it here.

5. Sunnylife Underwater Camera


“Even if you’re not spending your holiday in the backyard pool or hanging out by the beach, an underwater camera is a present that’ll capture wonderful moments that your child can treasure forever. This one is super easy to use and fun for everyone.”

Daisy Cousens, SHESAID Content producer

Buy it here.

6. Moochies Phone Watch 


“Moochies is a smart watch and phone that makes two-way communication safe and easy for kids and parents. An inbuilt GPS means you can also track the kids movements and there’s an SOS button to alert the app holder if a child is in trouble – something I hope no kid ever has to use. My littlies love the cute design and the empowerment of having their own phone.”

Aleney de Winter, SHESAID Parenting writer

Buy it here.

7. Blunt Mini Kid Umbrella


“These tough umbrellas are safe for kids with no sharp edges and have special ink that changes color when wet. A sure-fire way to bring a smile to any face on a rainy day.”

Nadine Dilong, SHESAID Content producer

Buy it here.

8. Apple Leather Purse


“I bought these for my younger cousins who are five and eight and are in the stage where they desperately want to be considered ‘big girls.’ After the wrapping was removed, these purses where an instant hit!”

Isabelle Gillespie, SHESAID Editoral assistant

Buy it here.

9. Tigerlily Karpos Bag


“Every girl needs a cute bag and this cotton tote by Tigerlily is perfect for any teen. The bright tassels are my fave detail. This bag is also surprisingly strong, so can carry a hefty amount.”

Nadia Stennett, SHESAID Editor

Buy it here.

10. Yellow Mini Tent


“This is a gorgeous gift for both girls and boys. Watch your children slip into an imaginary world when they start playing with this mini tent that’s made just for them and their best furry companions.”

Daisy Cousens, SHESAID Content producer

Buy it here.

11. Sunnylife Cricket Set


“This is a present that the whole family can get involved with and have fun playing together. I love that it comes with a carry kit that makes it perfect for transporting to the beach or park on Christmas day.”

Isabelle Gillespie, SHESAID Editorial assistant

Buy it here.

12. Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cupcake Carnival


“Let your kids get carried away with their imagination as they set up their very own cupcake shop. Watch as your little ones play for hours and get creative. The bright play-doh and accessories were an instant hit with my nieces and nephews.”

Nadine Dilong, SHESAID Content producer

Buy it here.

13. Seedling Design Your Own Superhero Mask


“Who doesn’t want to be a superhero and save the world?! This is an wonderful pressie for a child that’s full of innovation and individuality. I’ve got a few of these for my nieces and I can’t wait to see what characters they’ll choose to become.”

Nadia Stennet, SHESAID Editor

Buy it here.

14. Mayde Kids Shelly Poncho Towel


“Not only is this gift practical, but your little munchkins will look super cute running around in it. The towel comes in a range of fun hues and your child will love dressing up in the hood and fun tassels.”

Daisy Cousens, SHESAID Content producer

Buy it here.

15. Plum 2-in-1 Peppermint Townhouse


“With storage cupboards, an oven, timer, utensils and pots and pans, now your mini-me can ‘cook’ without making any mess in this modern kitchen replica. I love gifts like this that will inspire and spark creativity. “

Isabelle Gillespie, SHESAID Editorial assistant

Buy it here.

16. Intex Sun Shade Pool


“Keep everyone cool and happy these holidays with this blow-up pool. It’s small enough to fit in any backyard and will provide endless entertainment for the kids. The sun shade is removable and the aquatic designs will make the pool your child’s new fave spot to hang out.”

Nadine Dilong, SHESAID Content producer

Buy it here.

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