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16 Halloween Beauty Looks That’d Be Creepy If They Weren’t So Pretty

16 Halloween Beauty Looks That’d Be Creepy If They Weren’t So Pretty

They’re so stunning, it’s scary.

Halloween is the funnest and most creative of all holidays.

What’s not to love about a day on which we can look batshit crazy and be whoever we want to be without anyone judging us?

While some people love the scary side of Halloween and spend hours creating fake open wounds and ghoulish décor, others prefer fun Halloween costumes and take the opportunity to go all out with their hair and makeup skills to create stunning looks that may not be frightening, but are sure as impressive as hell.

If you plan on making your makeup the focal point of this year’s Halloween getup (and, as a beauty editor and self-confessed makeup addict myself, I recommend you do), these 16 looks are all the inspo you need. Whether it’s a full face of unicorn makeup or a simple devil’s fork eyeliner, with these stunning beauty looks, there’s no need for a costume…

1. This cute cupcake.

2. This literal cat eye.

3. This floral masterpiece.

4. This lovely lioness.

5. This glitzy skull.

6. This real-life Wonder Woman.

7. This OTT unicorn.

8. This devilish eyeliner.

9. This lacey detail.

10. This glittery goodness.

11. This starry sky.

12. This pink perfection.

13. These mesmerizing eyes.

14. This glorious galaxy.

15. This modern mermaid.

16. And this beautiful bunny.

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