16 Hilarious Questions You Have To Ask Siri

June 30, 2016

She’s got a surprisingly wry sense of humor, if you know what to ask.

When Siri was born back in 2010, she brought out the teenager in us all. I mean, come on – who among us hasn’t tried to get her to say something wildly inappropriate at some point?

But Siri’s useful for a lot more than just potty jokes and sex talk. No, I don’t mean finding a restaurant or looking up the definition of a word. So boring. I’m talking about high-level, sophisticated comedy.

Okay, maybe ‘sophisticated’ is pushing it, but still: Siri has a surprisingly good sense of humor, if you ask her the right questions. Here are 16 fun ones to start with on your next rainy day. Just keep in mind, Siri’s answers will vary according to who asks her, and when. She’s eerily human that way…

1. Ask her to make you a sandwich.

2. Ask her for a good pickup line.

3. Ask her to read you a haiku. (Sometimes she gets them mixed up with limericks.)

4. Ask her why the chicken crossed the road.

5. Ask her to beatbox for you.

6. Ask her what zero divided by zero is.

7. Ask her if she likes you.

8. Ask her if you’ve had too much to drink.

9. Ask her where your keys are.

10. Ask her if she believes in God.

11. Ask her if she’s ever been in love.

12. Ask her what her favorite song is.

13. Ask her where Elvis Presley is.

14. Ask what her biggest secret is.

15. Ask who her favorite Kardashian is. (We’ve all got one.)

16. Ask her what she’s wearing. (Hey, the classics never get old.)

Images via giphy.com and tumblr.com.

Comment: What’s your favorite thing to ask Siri?


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