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16 Men Reveal What They’re REALLY Thinking During Sex

16 Men Reveal What They’re REALLY Thinking During Sex

Wow, don’t hold back guys…

It’s something we all wonder about the men in our lives from time to time: what’s going through his head right now?

But when we’re doin’ the nasty, the question goes to a whole other level. He’s literally inside us, yet what he’s actually thinking is often still a mystery. It doesn’t quite seem fair – especially if, like me, you’re always wanting to get inside people’s heads and know all their innermost private thoughts. (Maybe it’s a Scorpio thing.)

While we may not be able to read minds, thanks to the magic of the Internet, we can find out what men are thinking while we’re knocking boots. Here’s how 16 Reddit users answered the question, “What do you think about during sex?”…

1. “Press here, flick there, rotate this, thrust at 37.2 degrees.” – babno

2. “Don’t finish until she does. Don’t finish until she does. Don’t finish unti – Fuck.” – Cubby_Denk

3. “Can I tell her I love her, would that be weird? I mean I do. I love her. But we’re having sex. Just say it.” – MrCamster

4. “Don’t fart. Don’t grunt.” – rcowie

5. “What the hell is the squeak my truck is making lately? It only ever happens when I’m decelerating in low revs. It can’t be the gearbox because it happens whether I’m in gear or not. Could it be the front propshaft UJ’s? Fuck!” – SerPuissance

6. “I usually focus on what I’m doing at the time, trying to read her body and make her shiver and squeal with pleasure.” – TheLittleGoodWolf

7. “Usually I’m trying not to have an orgasm too quickly so I think about broccoli and asparagus and farming.” – defiancy

8. “Where the last slice of pizza went.” – So-Much-Nope

9. My mind wanders an awful lot tbh.” – Gambit791

10. “Lol, boobies.” – Bon_Jovi_Friday

11. “Nothing. For a short time I forget the meaninglessness of my life and just fully live in a zen-like moment.” – ThePeoplesBard

12. “Couldn’t tell ya, I’m always too drunk to remember.” – MatttInTheHat

13. “I think about making my wife cum. My orgasms are great, but hers leave me happy for hours.” – SlaughterMeister

14. “Will she agree to swallow it this time?” – zer0w0rries

15. “Don’t have a heart attack. Don’t have a heart attack. Don’t have a heart attack. Don’t have a heart attack. Don’t have a heart attack. Don’t have a heart attack.” – nowaythisnameistaken

16. “This feels awesome.” – Elanstehanme

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