16 Mind-Blowing Things You Didn’t Know About Friends

July 26, 2016

This changes EVERYTHING.

Friends, it was the show that summed up a generation.

And with a plethora of memorable one-liners that still apply to just about any life situation, and characters we couldn’t help but secretly wish were our real-life BFFs, it’s little wonder the show remains one of the most replayed TV sitcoms of all time, pulling a whopping $20 million in royalties for its cast members, even over a decade after its last show was filmed.

But while those of us who grew up with the show can quote most of its episodes word-for-word, and know Central Perk so well we could probably sketch it blindfolded, there remain a few secret gems that were only known to a select few from the production crew, until now. Prepare to have your mind blown with these Friends trivia facts that change everything…

1. That big white dog of Joey and Chandler’s the girls hated so much? It actually belonged to Jennifer Anniston – it was given to her by a friend as a good luck gift when the show started.

2. The episode titled ‘The One Where No One’s Ready’ takes place entirely in Monica’s apartment, as the show didn’t have enough budget to afford additional sets or guest actors at the time.

3. Ross and Rachel weren’t meant to have such a major romance in the show, it was added because of the chemistry between Jennifer Anniston and David Schwimmer.

4. The storyline involving Phoebe carrying her brother’s triplets was written because Lisa Kudrow was pregnant in real-life.

5. The orange couch in Central Perk came from the basement of Warner Bros. studio.

6. Courtney Cox was originally meant to play Rachel.

7. In the show, Ross stays 29 years-old for three years.

8. Joey wasn’t meant to be a male bimbo, Matt LeBlanc actually suggested the character change.

9. The famous frame around the peephole on Monica’s door originally had a mirror in it, but it was broken by a crew member when filming started. They liked the look of it, so decided to keep it that way.

10. The same actor who played Joey’s agent Estelle also played a nurse in the episode where Carol gave birth to Ben.

11. The role of Phoebe was originally offered to Ellen DeGeneres, but she turned it down.

12. Lisa Kudrow was actually afraid of the show’s duck.

13. Joey and Monica were originally meant to be love interests.

14. The show was originally titled Insomnia Cafe.

15. Phoebe and Chandler weren’t meant to be major characters in the show.

16. In the first season, the cast members received $22,000 per episode; by the final season, they were each getting $1000,000 per episode.

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