16 Reasons Why Daylight Savings Is A Total Mindf*ck

March 15, 2018

Spring forward. Fall back. Lose your freaking mind.

Daylight Savings time: it has a rich history and a definitive purpose, such as — wait, what’s the point again? Cutting down on the use of…candles?

That’s right! Ben Franklin conceived of the idea of daylight savings time to save candles. You know how when it gets dark, you don’t have electricity and — what’s that you say? This is totally no longer applicable to our modern times, and serves no purpose whatsoever, and in fact has detrimental effects such as bringing on Seasonal Affective Disorder (time for some light therapy!) or messing with your sleep?

Yep; here are 16 reasons daylight savings is the actual worst…

1. You wake up panicked

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gained an hour or lost one, you’ll wake up all like “Wait, WHAT TIME IS IT?!”

2. Bleak, penetrating darkness

At one point or another, it’s going to be dark when you feel like it’s not supposed to be, and that darkness has the potential to invade your soul.

3. There’s always someone who didn’t get the memo

Statistics (actually just me) show that at least 50% of your friends, colleagues, and family members will not realize it’s daylight savings time, thus throwing various events and get-togethers totally out of whack.

4. …Some years, it’s YOU

There will be at least one instance where the person who forgot to change her clock is you.

5. Great, now you have to know how to change a clock?

Your smartphone does it automatically, but now you’re supposed to know how to change the time on appliances like the microwave?!

6. …A digital clock?!

You’ll start feeling a lot less sentimental about that digital clock from your college dorm years when you actually have to figure out how to change it (place one finger on the “hour” button, watch the numbers fly by, know you’ll never get this minute of your life back).

7. Most boring water cooler discussion, ever

Yes, yes, the clocks changed yesterday … can we please talk about something else slightly less boring, like paint drying slowly?

8. Throws your kids’ schedule totally off

If you have children, this is the night when you wonder if they will ever get to bed.

9. Continues to throw your kids’ schedule totally off

… and this is the morning when every single student is late for school. Every. Single. One.

10. It’s way too much to think about

Losing or gaining an hour: what does it really mean? Think about it too much and you might end up pondering the meaning of the universe.

11. Also –wait – why do we do Daylight Savings again?

The aim of Daylight Savings Time is to “conserve energy and make better use of daylight,” except that studies show that the ritual actually does neither of these things.

12. It is totally obsolete

As previously stated, Ben Franklin conceived of the idea of daylight savings time to save candles. Let me repeat: to save candles. It’s officially time to move on.

13. It costs mega bucks

Daylight savings actually has a negative effect on productivity, which is said to cost the U.S. hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

14. Falling back is bad for your health

Jeff Janata, a professor of psychiatry and the director of psychology at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, explains that at the end of daylight savings time, many people begin exhibiting signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

15. In fact, it could kill you

DST can have truly dangerous effects on our health beyond SAD, such as an increase in heart attacks, accidents at work, and traffic accidents.

16. Listicles like this one

DST is so obselete, so useless, such a mindf*ck, and so potentially detrimental to our health, that it inspires many a listicle such as this one. Sorry!

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Comment: What’s your most hated aspect of Daylight Savings?

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