16 Signs Your Best Friend Is Your Soulmate

January 25, 2016

Tears, cocktails and gossip.

Having a loyal friend is great. But having an absolute bestie is even better.

If you’re lucky enough to have an indelible sidekick, otherwise known as a BFF, you’d be familiar with the sick feeling you get in your stomach when you imagine life without her.

The two of you are so in sync, you practically have your own language. Whether it’s chilling for hours without needing to say a word, or anticipating when you need a hug, there’s no one who gets you quite like she does.

If you and your bestie can relate to these sixteen things, you don’t need a guy to fill a hole in your life, because you’ve already found your soulmate…

1. After a crappy day, you know you can always rely on her to listen to you bitch over ice-cream and booze.

2. You don’t need to censor yourselves around each other. You know you can call out one another’s faults and still love each other.

3. You’ve seen each other at your absolute worst.

4. People find it hard to hang out with the two of you since they can’t understand the weird humor or language you adopt when you’re together.

5. Even if there’s no logical reason, you share the same enemies.

6. She’d be the person you would ring if you needed someone to help you hide a dead body.

7. There’s no need to speak when you’re together, you know exactly what she’s thinking just by looking at her.

8. No matter how unreasonable you’re being, she’ll always stand by you.

9. You don’t need to dress up for each other. Some of your best bonding seshs have been in sweats and pjs.

10. You share the same affinity for burgers and chocolate.

11. You know every detail about each others’ sex lives.

12. You’re each other’s go-to girl when you need pre-date advice.

13. You don’t need to knock when you arrive at each other’s houses, you already have the keys.

14. You get each other’s weird quirks.

15. You can always count on her to hold onto your secrets.

16. And despite the fact she’s seen your inner psycho, you know she’ll always love you for who you are, just as you will her.

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Comment: Do you have a best friend you can count on, no matter what?


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