16 Struggles People Who Hate People Know All Too Well

April 10, 2018


If you’re a person who hates people, chances are people often misunderstand you as being cold.

The truth is, you’re actually a totally awesome person to hang out with, just so long as you’re with the select few humans who don’t make you want to gouge your own eyeballs out every time they speak. People who hate people still have friends we care about stacks, hell, we’re pretty damn fun-loving too. We just have zero tolerance for the rest of humankind’s bullshit. Which is why these situations are both terrifying and rage-inducing for us…

1. When you see an old friend or work colleague on the street.

2. When someone at work tries to make small talk with you at your desk.


3. When someone sits next to you on the bus.

4. When a work colleague invites you to Friday drinks.

5. When your roommate tries to hang out with you while you’re chilling on the couch.

6. When you’re made to do a team project at work.

7. When your close friends ask you out to meet their other friends.

8. When someone asks you why you’re not a people person.

9. When you come across an incredibly rare individual you can actually tolerate.

10. When someone cancels a social event you were obligated to attend.

11. When someone won’t take the hint that you’re not interested in talking to them.

12. When you’re forced to listen to someone talk incessantly.

13. When someone calls you “for a chat”.

14. When a store person starts to tell you their entire life’s struggles.

15. When you know you’re going to have to tolerate people at a party for at least a few hours.

16. And when you’re with your best furry friends.

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Comment: Do you relate – are you a person who hates people?


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