16 Things All Lazy Girls Know To Be True

November 24, 2015

I can’t be bothered.

My SO often pays me out for being the only person he knows who’ll willingly subject myself to a gruelling ten mile run but complain if I have to walk five minutes down the street.

But here’s the thing: scheduled exercise is non-negotiable. Walking somewhere on the weekend when I could take a cab is not. The same goes for my bedroom, which typically resembles a squatter’s den, while my work cubicle is immaculate. The difference: I have to keep my office space neat to ensure efficiency and convince my boss I’m not a slob, while my bedroom door can be conveniently shut when guests come over, saving me the precious effort of actually picking my crap up off the floor.

In short, while I work hard when it matters most, in every other possible area of my life where I can avoid lifting a finger, I revert to slob mode. Call me a lazy girl in wolf’s clothing. If you’re a fellow lazy girl, you’ll know these things well, too…

1. Your idea of cleaning up tends to differ from most people’s.

2. You’ve actually texted someone in the same house as you to save yourself the effort of walking to go tell them something.

3. You typically have food stains on your clothes and/or face from trying to eat while laying down.

4. You make hitting the snooze button in the morning look like an Olympic sport.

5. If you’re home alone cutlery is usually discarded for hands, because, washing up.

6. Your idea of making dinner typically looks like this.

7. If it weren’t for dry shampoo your hair would be a 24/7 grease slick.

8. You shave your legs like three times a year, and it’s torture. The rest of the time you live in maxi dresses and jeans.

9. You are in possession of several cupboards full of random crap, otherwise known as your idea of tidying when you’re expecting guests.

10. Your bedroom floor doubles as your closet.

11. You’ve been known to fall asleep covered in various take out boxes on more than one ocassion.

12. And you avoid anything involving physical exertion on principle.

13. Pants are more of a chore than a necessity when you’re home alone.


14. You literally can’t remember the last time you washed your sheets.

15. Most of your weekend activities tend to be focused around the bed area of your house.

16. But you like to think being lazy has its perks, because you always know the fastest (read: least effort involved) way to get things done.

Images via giphy.com and tumblr.com.

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