16 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Get Lash Extensions

November 20, 2019

You probably weren’t aware of #14.

Having perfectly defined, full, long lashes is probably one of womankind’s most coveted beauty achievements.

And to reach that lofty goal, many of us spend a significant amount of time curling, painting on copious coats of mascara and painstakingly applying falsies on an exhaustingly regular basis.

It’s really no surprise then, an increasing number of women are opting for a more permanent lash-enhancing option that doesn’t require this level of dedication. Enter, permanent lash extensions, which are a great way to achieve glamorous lashes that look full, but more natural than a set of strip lashes, and can cut significant time from your makeup routine by doing away with the need for mascara, curling or even lining.

Professional lash stylist Charlotte, from cult Sydney eyelash extension salon, Lady Lash walks her own talk when it comes to keeping her lashes looking enviously eye-catching. The eyelash pro has had lash extensions herself for almost 10 years, and says her natural lashes are still “as healthy as can be”, proving the right technique won’t destroy your natural lashes, which is the biggest misconception people have about extensions, according to the expert.

As with every beauty treatment, it’s crucial to do your homework before booking an appointment. So if you’ve been thinking about getting extensions, these are the 16 things Charlotte wants you to know so you can make an educated decision…

1. It takes anywhere between one and three hours to apply lash extensions, depending on the number of lashes, so bring some headphones and prepare to get comfy!

2. A good set of professional lash extensions can last for up to six weeks.

3. The lashes will gradually fall out one by one.

4. Not all lash glues are the same, sensitive eyes might feel irritated by the fumes of some, so it’s essential you chat with your lash stylist about any sensitivities or allergies you have prior to application.

5. You can request a test patch before application if you’re freaked out about reacting to the glue.

6. You can’t use creams or oily products near your extensions once they’re in, as oil destroys the lashes’ adhesive bond.

7. Your natural lashes can only handle a certain weight, so bigger is not always better.

8. Lash extensions won’t harm your natural lashes when applied correctly with the right products, in the hands of a professional (a cheap job at a nail salon on the other hand, can potentially destroy your lashes and cause infections, so don’t risk it).

9. Some salons use animal hair as extensions, but there are silk and synthetic hair options as well, if you’re vegan, so always ask the salon what your options are.

10. The right lash styling can make your eyes seem bigger and have a dramatic effect on your overall look.

11. You can’t get a new set of lash extensions wet for at least 24 hours, so keep your face out of the shower on the first night.

12. Your eyes are closed during the entire procedure, but lashes are applied so gently that most people don’t feel a thing and often fall asleep!


13. Mascara is forbidden on lash extensions as it can damage them, and really isn’t required, given how full extensions make your lashes look, but if you absolutely must use it, do so only on the tips of your lashes to prevent clumping.

14. You might have to adjust your sleeping position as lash extensions can get squashed in your pillow.

15. Hygiene is the most important factor in a salon to avoid an infection; so ensure you check all the salon’s tools are sterile.

16. Lash extensions are HIGHLY addictive. Once you’ve woken up with a full set of thick, glam lashes, you’ll never wanna go back to mascara again.

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