16 Totally Impractical Fashion Items We Want Anyway

November 4, 2016

Who cares if they’re impossible to walk in when they look this good?!

As just one of the many things men will never understand about women, the fact we put looks before comfort when it comes to fashion is arguably a bit confusing, but at the same time, our determination to look cute at all costs is also pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately, the more uncomfortable a fashion item is, the more fabulous it usually looks. High heels can’t be high enough, skirts can’t be tight enough, and handbags tend to look best when you can’t fit any actual items in them.

As a self-confessed fashion addict, I’m pretty darn happy to live a ridiculously impractical life if it means my outfits are on point, and I know I’m not the only one (except for once a month when we all resort to wearing yoga pants and oversized sweaters all day). Just try and convince yourself you aren’t in serious need of possessing these utterly impractical fashion pieces…

1. These hairy slides that will drag the dirt on the streets with them.


2. This tight leather skirt, making normal-sized steps impossible.


3. This pretty bralette which doesn’t provide any actual support whatsoever.


4. This furry clutch, which is impossible to carry properly.


5. This dreamy sequin cape which will slice our arms open.


6. This barely-there dress which will slide off our shoulders immediately.


7. These amaze sunglasses which are too heavy to stay in place.


8. This fringed maxi dress which will get tangled in literally everything.


9. These arty heels without any actual heels.


10. These bell sleeves making it impossible to eat, wash your hands, or do anything other than stand still.


11. This micro bag too small to fit anything but lipstick.


12. These boots which will take an eternity to put on.


13. This strappy bikini which will give us the worst tan lines.


14. These stunning XXL earrings which will seriously stretch out our earlobes.


15. This spiky jacket that’ll make it impossible to hug anyone without gravely injuring them.


16. And these chunky platforms which will break our ankles within the first five minutes of wear.


Images vis pinterest.com.

Comment: Fess up: what’s the most impractical item of clothing you’ve ever insisted on owning?


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