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17 Castle Hotels That Look Like They Belong In A Fairytale

17 Castle Hotels That Look Like They Belong In A Fairytale

And she lived happily ever after…

Who didn’t want to be a princess when they were growing up?

Unfortunately, reality set in when dressing up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast was no longer considered cool and you learned the closest you were likely to get to Prince Charming was watching The Princess Bride. But a grown-up girl can still dream. And luckily, you can experience what life would have been like if you’d have managed to nab Prince Harry, via spending the night in one of these beautiful refurbished castles scattered throughout Europe.

Some grand, others gothic, all romantic and alluring; after staying here with your very own Prince Charming bae, your faith in fairytale endings just might be restored…

1. Ashford Castle, Ireland


Once home to the Guinness family, Ashford Castle is one of Ireland’s most picturesque estates with views over the shores of Lough Corrib and manicured gardens.

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2. Château Rhianfa, Wales


This French gothic-styled château sits majestically above the Menai Strait and is pretty much the picture perfect castle every girl dreamt of inhabiting as a child.

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3. Fenton Tower, Scotland


There’s ample activities to enjoy just a stone’s throw from this restored fortified 16th Century castle. Alternatively, you can lock yourself in the highest room of the tower and await your smouldering prince to come awaken you from your slumber…

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4. Château de la Barre, France


The ornate golden embroidered fabrics draped decadently throughout the guest rooms in this deluxe château will give you serious regal feels.

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5. Candacraig Castle, Scotland


This Scottish beauty is located at the edge of the Highlands, surrounded by extensive national park and was once owned by comedian Billy Connelly.

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6. Lismore Castle, Ireland


With towers and turrets, this walled castle, built in 1185, is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway with your SO.

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7. Carberry Tower, Scotland


With 30 luxurious bedrooms to choose from, there’s room to spare for you and all your besties here, to experience what it’s like to be a princess with her ladies in waiting.

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8. Château de Mercuès, France


This over 1200 year-old castle, set against a breathtaking backdrop of weaving sapphire blue water and manicured greenery, is the perfect place to get some very royal R&R.

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9. Broughton Hall, England


A stay at Broughton Hall will be an unforgettable one, with wood-burning fireplaces, champagne on arrival, a large conservatory and impeccable gardens all at your disposal.

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10. Melville Castle, Scotland


Fit for a queen, this castle is anything but quaint. Sitting on a large property with 30 bedrooms adorned in the finest fabrics and four-poster beds, Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Victoria are just a couple of the noble guests who have stayed here.

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11. Château De Montvillargenne, France


Extremely French in its decor and exterior, the Château de Montvillargenne has the old school Disney charm that’ll melt even the coolest of hearts.

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12. Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg Castle, The Netherlands


Nestled in Dutch woodland, the Landgoed Duin and Kruidberg castle is one of a kind, set against a Winter wonderland worthy of Frozen. 

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13. Aldourie Castle and Estate, Scotland


Located on the southern shores of the infamous Loch Ness, you can rent this entire castle out for yourself and prance around your grounds pretending you’re Kate Middleton for a day.

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14. Château de Bourron, France


Complete with a moat and ornate period pieces, Château de Bourron is steeped in history and surrounded by stunningly pristine gardens fit for a fairytale.

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15. Castle Hostel Stahleck, Germany


With moderately priced rooms, this castle’s ideal for princesses on a budget. Taking in the awe-inspiring views from your window overlooking the River Reine is a must. As is throwing your hair over the balcony and pretending you’re Rapunzel.

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16. Ackergill Tower, Scotland


Nestled amongst moss green grass by the sea, this tiny castle is tucked away in far northern Scotland. Quaint and utterly picturesque, the 5-star luxury accommodation will bring your fairytale daydreams to life.

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17. Castle Hotel Auf Schoenburg, Germany


Perched on a hill looking out over the sprawling valley below, this impressive castle is right next door to award-winning wineries where you can indulge in some of the world’s finest drops, like only a true princess would.

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