17 Cocktails That’ll Get You Drunk Fast Enough To Forget This Election Sucked

November 18, 2016
cocktails to get drunk fast

Pass the booze. 

We have all just made it through the craziest election ever… well, sort of.

Even though Donald Trump won the election, a petition has since been circulating asking the Electoral Colleges to make Hillary President instead. And all of the chaos has led some of us to forget how to be decent humans, with plenty of nasty mud-slinging and Facebook friend deleting going on.

All of it is getting too much, and we need to get drunk, pronto.

And there is no better way to get drunk than to make an extra-boozy cocktail. Luckily, there is a cocktail for every situation, including crappy elections. So cure your election news hangover with one of these deliciously alcoholic beverages guaranteed to help you forget who is and isn’t President, even if it’s only for a night…

1. Rasberry mojito 


What could be better than some sweet raspberries, tangy limes, a refreshing hit of mint and a whole lotta rum to help you forget about this ‘nasty’ election? (Recipe here).

2. The Love Potion


If Americans need anything more than ever right now, it’s love. This pretty love potion is pink, bubbly and reminiscent of happier times. You know, before an anti-politician was elected President… (Recipe here).

3. Chocolate martini


Everyone knows chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and what could pair more perfectly with that than vodka? This cocktail’s so decadent you could sneak a bit of extra booze in your glass and not even notice. (Recipe here).

4. Blue Coconut


This cocktail is a pure tropical delight, pairing coconut with pineapple, vodka and blue curaçao. It’s perfect for allowing you to blissfully drift off far enough to forget the offensive comments constantly spewing out of Trump’s mouth. (Recipe here).

5.  Baileys Cool Raspberry


Who knew creamy Baileys would go so well with sweet and tart raspberries? As well as being delicious, smashing the raspberries at the bottom of the glass is a great way to vent any frustrations you have lingering about this terrible election year. (Recipe here).

6. Magic Cotton Candy martini


This perfectly playful recipe uses cotton candy to tap into your inner child. The sugar might hurt your teeth, but it will be no more painful than remembering those super inappropriate comments Trump made about young girls (Recipe here).

7. Apple bees knees


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and a gin and apple cocktail will help keep the election nightmares at bay as well. (Recipe here).

8. Vodka Watermelon Cooler


Sometimes you just want things to make sense again, and this simple cocktail is the answer. Watermelon and vodka are truly a match made in boozy heaven. (Recipe here).

9. Chocolate White Russian


Even though we’ve all heard enough about Russia this election, this cocktail doesn’t deserve to be ignored. White Russians are a classic – and highly alcoholic – cocktail, and the addition of a little chocolate is the perfect way to jazz it up. (Recipe here).

10. Blushing Whiskey Sour


While the election may have left an unpleasant taste in your mouth, this whiskey sour will leave you wanting more. The blackberries impart this drink its pretty blush hue not unlike the shade our cheeks turned when we witnessed Trump creeping on Melania’s ballot paper on election day… (Recipe here).

11. Campfire cocktail


This tasty and indulgent cocktail will instantly take you back to being a kid toasting marshmallows by a fire. And after the stressful last few months, being a child again would be a welcome treat. (Recipe here).

12. Grapefruit Tequila Slammer


Tequila is a girl’s (or guy’s) best friend. While there are a whole bunch of wonderful tequila cocktail recipes out there, this one is easy, refreshing and the ‘slamming’ part of the recipe is another great way to alleviate any election anger you might still be hanging onto. (Recipe here).

13. Red Moon Over Manhattan


A red wine twist on the classic Manhattan cocktail recipe, this perfect beverage has a unique taste combination that actually works really well. (Recipe here).

14. Pear Vanilla Coconut Cooler 


Coconut, pear, vanilla and vodka – have you ever heard of anything more perfect? This elegant cocktail is a fantastic way to take a refreshing break from all of the politics talk and just chill TF out. (Recipe here).

15. Passionfruit Mojito 


You might not be able to take a tropical holiday to escape the election news, but you can sip on this mojito and pretend you’re on a distant island. (Recipe here).

16. Rose Sangria 


Sangria is the best drink on the planet. Fruity, cheap and perfect for any and every occasion, this one swaps red wine for rose, and it works so well. (Recipe here).

17. Spicy Grapefruit Margaritas 


Lovers of spicy cocktails, meet your new BFF. This is a margarita with a kick that will instantly wipe your memory, taking you back to a time when Trump was just another annoying reality star and no one cared about Clinton’s emails. (Recipe here).

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Comment: What’s your post-election drink of choice? 

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