17 DIY Halloween Decorations For Throwing The Most Stylish Bash Ever

October 18, 2016

Your guests won’t believe you made these yourself.

So you’ve invited all your friends to your event-of-the-century Halloween party…

You’ve got them suitably hyped about how scary, fun, and simply unforgettable the night will be, and told them creative Halloween costumes are a must if they want to attend.

You’re so well-prepped, you’ve even got your gory food and bloody shots all sorted, when you notice you’ve spent your entire bash budget already and forgot about decorations.

A Halloween party without evil pumpkins, creepy crawlies, and spooky ghosts lurking behind every corner just won’t do. But never fear, you don’t need a stash of cash to pull it off. All you need is a hot glue gun and some dollar store items to turn your home into a house of terror. Take inspiration from these 17 eerily easy-to-make decorations…

1. This wicked witch pumpkin.


Tutorial here.

2. This floating candle ceiling.


Tutorial here. 

3. This pumpkin party cooler.


Tutorial here. 

4. This stylish snake vase.


Tutorial here. 

5. This stencil tablecloth.


Tutorial here.

6. These creepy eyeball flowers.


Tutorial here. 

7. These mini pumpkin place cards.


Tutorial here.

8. This spooky bat lamp.


Tutorial here. 

9. These marvellous mummy jars.


Tutorial here. 

10. These bloody candles.


Tutorial here.

11. These creepy candy ghosts.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 11.30.08 am

Tutorial here.

12. This cool cushion cover.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 11.37.12 am

Tutorial here.

13. These cute ping pong ball ghosts.


Tutorial here.

14. These haunting mask lights.


Tutorial here.

15. This spooky skull wreath.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 11.43.19 am

Tutorial here.

16. This eerie doormat.


Tutorial here.

17. And these spooky spider eggs.


Tutorial here.

Images via pinterest.com.

Comment: Do you have a fave Halloween DIY decoration hack to share?


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