17 Food Hacks You Need Right Now

October 7, 2016

Stop. You’re doing it all wrong.

Okay, we have some hard news to deliver you. You’ve been eating and prepping your food wrong your whole life. Yep, up until this point you’ve lived a lie. Because while it may seem efficient to just bite into the cupcake or lop the head off a strawberry with a sharp knife, it’s actually anything but.

And here’s where the good news comes in: there are better, lazier ways of making and enjoying your fave foods.

So in the spirit of promoting laziness, here are 17 food things you’ve been approaching all wrong and can drastically improve upon with these genius food hacks, starting right now…

1. Eating a cupcake.

Frosting in every bite. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?!

2. Frying bacon.

Doing it in a waffle iron? Sheer genius.

3. Peeling a banana.

You mean to tell us we’ve been doing it from the wrong end ALL ALONG?!!

4. Eating Tic Tacs.

So THAT’S what that little thing in the lid is for!

5. Sharing a pizza.

No more greasy hands.

6. Prepping strawberries.

This changes EVERYTHING.

7. Snacking on Cheetos.

No more wasting precious arm strength holding the bag.

8. Opening an un-openable jar of pickles.

Who needs a man when you’ve got tape?

9. Separating egg yolks.

WHAT?!! Stop everything.

10. Making chocolate bowls.

All you need are a few water balloons. Simply pop with a pin when the chocolate’s set. Genius!

11. Packing cut apple for work.

Never let your apple slices go brown in the work fridge again.

12. Dunking your Oreo in milk.

Full cookie dunking is no longer a fantasy.

13. Making coffee.

Who needs a machine when you can make coffee bags yourself?

14. Avoiding washing up.

We are never cleaning our plates again.

15. Making grilled cheese.

Who needs a sandwich press when you’ve got an iron?

16. Making fruity cocktails.


17. Cutting cherry tomatoes and grapes.

Because efficiency is EVERYTHING.

Images via giphy.com, makeagif.com, lifehacker.com and pinterest.com.

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