17 Gross Things All Couples Have Secretly Done

February 10, 2017

Being close to someone means you sometimes get very comfortable. Maybe too comfortable.

Ah, love. It’s a beautiful thing. Once you’ve found someone you’re one hundred per cent comfortable with, it’s like everything is right with the world.

Lounging around on the couch, being able to wear whatever you want, allowing them to see you without your makeup on – these are all amazing milestones every couple reaches. But there are also some things couples are comfortable with that take things to a whole new (and fairly disgusting) level.

My boyfriend and I regularly debrief each other about our bathroom visits, especially after a massive take-out and Netflix binge. Some would say this is gross, but I like to believe we encourage each other through any challenge the other one faces.

All couples can get too comfortable around each other and do gross things, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes a sign of a healthy relationship is the ability to talk about bowel movements with each other while still being able to suck face at the end of the day. Or doing any of the following things…

1. You’ve popped each other’s pimples and blackheads at least once.

2. You’ve smelt each other to see if the BO is too bad or okay to go into the world with.

3. You’ve farted in front of each other, and maybe even given each other a dutch oven.

4. You’ve licked them on the face or body randomly just to freak them out.

5. You’ve been there for each other while the other one has had too much to drink and is vomiting EVERYWHERE.

6. You’ve shared a toothbrush when you’ve been away and one of you forgot theirs. Sharing is caring.

7. You’ve picked your nose in front of each other.

8. You’ve watched them clip their toenails.

9. You’ve pulled a weirdly long hair out of a place it shouldn’t have been growing.

10. You’ve both helped clean up after a round of intense period sex.

11. You’ve talked to each other while the other one was on the toilet.

12. You’ve seen them have the worst stomach flu, and you’ve helped them through it, diarrhea and all.

13. You’ve peed in the shower when you’ve been in there together.

14. You’ve talked about your bowel movements, and updated each other on the outcome of your toilet trips.

15. You’ve used the same soap, even though you know where it’s been – but hey, soap is soap!

16. You’ve picked up dirty tissues belonging to each other without a second thought.

17. And you’ve seen them at their worst and grossest, and still loved them regardless.

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Comment: What gross things do you and your partner do together? 



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