17 Guys Who Failed Spectacularly At Picking Up

Kassi Klower

Do any of these pick-up lines actually work, like, ever?!

Look, everyone knows dating can be hard, and while Tinder and online messaging has made it a bit easier to find people you might be interested in, it has also started building the case that some men have no idea how to talk to women.

We didn’t really think it could get much worse than cringe-worthy shirtless selfies which make us instantly swipe left on Tinder, or the shocking and never asked for dick pics we get sent by guys attempting to woo us into bed, but it has. 

Some of the lines guys use to try to pick up have gotten crazy and fail on all levels of the spectrum, from gross slut-shaming to just plain offensive. These creepy AF pickup attempts are now so common, there’s an entire website dedicated to displaying some of the most baffling and shocking ones.

Luckily, women are pretty resilient and won’t put up with women-bashing at all, and, for the most part, we know how to handle Tinder pests. Which is why some of the clap-backs from the ladies whose phones were assaulted with these unsolicited come-ons are more entertaining than the crazy pickup lines themselves.  Take a look at some of the best of these sleazy messages, and join us in asking ‘what exactly were they trying to achieve here?’…

1. This guy who is concerned for his health.


2. This guy who changes his mind really quickly.


3. This curious fellow.


4. This guy who gives us an offer we just HAVE to refuse…


5. This dude who just wants to touch himself while talking about taxes.


6. This impatient man who has can’t deal with time-wasters.


7. This poor guy who just wanted to use his lame new pick-up line.


8. This gentleman who will kindly rephrase a question for you.


9. This guy who was actually doing okay until the last part…


10. This desperate dude who is really persistent.


11. This guy who over-reacted to a pretty reasonable request


12. This gross person who at least acknowledges he is an animal…


13. This player who already has too many girls to handle.


14. This charmer who can turn a girl off in 10 words or less.


15. This baby who needs attention at all times.


16. This guy who really likes to plan things in advance.


17. And this guy who paints a vomit-inducing picture with words.


Image via straightwhiteboystexting.org.

Comment: What is the worst text or Tinder message a guy has sent you?