17 Helix Tattoos That Are So Much Better Than Earrings

May 11, 2017

It’s the perfect body part to get inked.

As tattoos become increasingly socially acceptable, people are getting more and more creative about the body parts they’re getting inked. After the tramp stamp in the 90s and the wrist ink in the 00s, helix tatts are all the rage at the moment, and we can totally see why.

Just as much as we like to adorn our ears with earrings, dainty little tattoos on the outer rim of the ear serve the same purpose of framing our faces and turning a rather humble body part into a piece of art.

Moreover, the helix is the ideal spot for a tatt if you’re an ink novice and not ready to commit to something big or more visible. It’s fairly easy to cover your ears with the right haircut for those days when you don’t want your tattoo to show.

The only downside? It’s apparently quite painful to get inked on this non-fleshy part of the body, but hey, if it looks this good, we’re willing to play right through the pain…

1. This nod to music.

2. This dotty dream.

3. This floral fantasy.

4. This pretty pair.

5. This leafy legend.

6. This minimalist marvel.

7. This pop of pretty.

8. This tiny tatt.

9. This symbolic superstar.

10. This lovely lavender.

11. This cute combo.

12. These beautiful butterflies.

13. This dainty design.

14. This sweet seahorse.

15. This starry sky.

16. This black beauty.

17. And this superb simplicity.

Images via pinterest.com, instagram.com.


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