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17 Examples Of Everyday Sexism You Shouldn’t Ignore

17 Examples Of Everyday Sexism You Shouldn’t Ignore

Examples of Sexism

When you’re dished sexist comments so often you stop noticing them…

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, when a group of men call out from the other side of the road. Inside you freeze, but on the outside you’re as cool as a cucumber while you smile and laugh at them before quickly walking the other way.

While it seems innocent enough, when we tolerate inappropriate language and sexist comments, we are simultaneously allowing everyday sexism to be accepted within our society. When you laugh off the suggestion you can’t do a ‘man’s job’ or ignore a backhanded comment about the kitchen being the ‘woman’s domain’, it allows people to think women are second class to men, and should be treated as such. And though they may appear harmless, sexist remarks can snowball into violence, sexual assault and emotional abuse, so it’s in our best interest to take a stand against them.

You may think you’ve never been a victim of everyday sexism (it’s become a little hard to identify, since it’s so widely accepted), so we’ve found 17 cases that, unfortunately, show it’s something we can all relate to…

1. When people forget girls play sport, too.

2. When people assume we can’t function without male assistance.

3. When our outfits are policed.


4. When double standards affect our ability to get our jobs done.

5. When having a period is trivialized.

6. When our success is based on our marital status.

7. When we’re represented in movies more often for our looks, instead of our brains.

8. When our voices don’t matter.

9. Or when our sons learn that girl-dominated activities should be shunned.

10. When people try to put us in stereotyped boxes.

11. When our achievements are diminished in magazines.


12. When the internet doesn’t acknowledge the word that defines women who are strong, independent and single.

13. And when men believe educated women should take on domestic roles, even in the office.

14. When we’re met with eye rolls for saying we’re feminists.


15. When our involvement with child-raising is amplified and mens are overlooked.


16. Or when our employers can’t fathom the idea of our self-sufficiency.


17. Andthe fact society judges ‘plus-size’ women but there’s no such thing as plus-size men.

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Comment: What’s the worst #everydaysexism you’ve encountered?



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