17 Life-Changing Ways To Organize Your Makeup This Weekend

November 23, 2018

Your beauty filing system ’bout to get next level.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when a misplaced lipstick will mean the difference between making or breaking a major life event.

I’ve been late for countless special occasions and tested my boyfriend’s patience more than once, madly rummaging for a coveted lip gloss or illuminator that’s gotten lost in the black hole of my dresser drawer just seconds before we’re due to show face at a friend’s birthday bash. I even made my own birthday party guests wait while I tore my room apart searching for a go-to setting powder (thankfully it was recovered before anyone was fatally injured).

Finally, it seems someone has heard my prayers. A group of genius minds on the interwebs have come up with some of the most mind-blowingly why-didn’t-I-think-of-that solutions to this dilemma as old as time itself, so we needn’t fret about standing up a date due to an MIA bronzer ever again. Enter: makeup organization porn, aka, the future of your bathroom vanity…

1. Attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your bathroom cabinet to prevent small items like tweezers and bobbi pins from going astray.


2. No makeup brush case? No worries. Recycle a sushi mat or old bamboo placemat by simply threading a piece of ribbon through the centre to hold each brush in place, roll up and pop in the drawer.


3. Got an oversized makeup stash? Re-purpose a wardrobe shoe storage hanger to categorise various beauty items into and store on the back of your bedroom door.


4. For a cheap-as-chips solution to finding your fave compact in a snap, line the inside of your drawers with containers from a bargain store, which are perfect for itemising all your makeup into.


5. Keep items you use on a daily basis at hand by arranging on a cake stand, Lazy Susan or muffin tower.


6. Organize your makeup brushes into categories using some old vases, a handful of marbles and some cute sticker labels from the dollar store.


7. Use a cutlery tray to keep everything in order inside your drawers.


8. An old bundt cake tin is the perfect solution for countertop storage of both your brushes and your makeup.


9. For a really spectacular way to keep your cosmetic collection  in check, re-purpose an old frame by attaching a metal board to the back, then hot-glue small magnets to the backs of your makeup products and store on the wall.


10. Definitely one of the most genius, why-didn’t-we-think-of-that ideas around, to organize your eyeshadow palettes in a snap without spending a dime, simply cut off the bottom of a paper shopping bag, and voila!


11. To save valuable counter space, store a large perfume collection in a recycled spice rack.


12. If you’re a crafty type, clean out and decorate old baked bean tin cans with spray paint, using masking tape to stencil on a cute metallic boarder.


13. A sunglasses case also makes the perfect storage vessel for makeup tools you want to take travelling with you.


14. To store smaller makeup items such as single eyeshadow pans, try an ice cube tray.


15. Mason jars are pretty much the perfect storage solution for everything from brushes to lipgloss and mascara.


16. Letter holders are a godsend for arranging larger makeup palettes.


17. Even the humble dish rack – yes, dish rack – can be tastefully re-purposed into a makeup storage unit. Who’da thunk it?


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