17 Mildly Murderous Thoughts Every Bridesmaid Has Had

Nadine Dilong

Like, how to fake your own death.

The day your BFF announces her engagement is also the day your bridesmaid duties start; the first one being planning a drunken night out with Bae to properly celebrate the ring on her finger, followed by a horrible hangover.

It’s an important time in the life of your bestie, and you’re happy to share it with her, vowing to help her plan the most amazing day of her life. And then sh*t gets real.

Let’s be honest here for a second. As much as we love our best friends, being a bridesmaid isn’t all fun and games. It’s essentially all the stress of a wedding, minus the princess dress and gifts. In other words, not a good deal.

From spending a fortune on the bachelorette party to bridal showers and enduring countless bridezilla moments – a bridesmaid has to keep calm and controlled in some fairly testing times, but we all know she’s secretly considered faking her own death on several occasions, just to get out of her duties.

If you’ve ever had the ‘honor’ of being a bridesmaid, chances are you’re very familiar with these 17 mildly murderous thoughts…

1. Can she please talk about something else other than her wedding?! Anything!??!

2. Why the hell did she choose her to be one of the other bridesmaids?

3. Her fiancée isn’t even that cute.

4. She wants how many people at the bachelorette party?

5. That color theme is ugly AF.

6. She better let me choose my own dress.

7. Cannot. Talk. About. Weddings. Anymore.

8. So I have to write a speech, huh?

9. That bitch better cry during my speech after how much effort I put into it.

10. The only thing I’m looking forward to about this wedding right now is the open bar.

11. *Mentally adds up the cost for bachelorette party, wedding gift, outfit and accommodation*… *Starts crying*

12. If I have to smile for one more photo, I will literally scream and die.

13. “Of course I’ll hold your dress while you pee!” …Oh she better remember this moment when it’s my big day.

14. Better take a sip every time I get asked what I’m doing with my life during this reception.

15. Enough with the toasts already!

16. Could these speeches be any longer?

17. I will kill her if she doesn’t throw the bouquet directly at me. We practiced this!

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