17 Signs You’re The Mature One In Your Friendship Group

May 8, 2017

Being called ‘the mom friend’ isn’t a bad thing. 

Let’s face it, everyone matures at a different rate.

While half of your friendship group is probably sending out wedding invites, climbing their career ladders or welcoming children into the world; the other bunch is likely still out every Saturday night, recovering by eating donuts for breakfast and living a general existence eerily reminiscent of a teenager.

But while always staying young at heart might seem like the most fun way to live, there are some definite benefits to having a more mature presence in your friendship group – especially if that presence is you.

If you’re the most grown-up in your gang, you’ll be all too familiar with these experiences…

1. You have your life (relatively) together – you have a decent apartment, a good job and your priorities sorted.

2. You always check the weather app before making plans, because the beach day your friend has planned won’t work out if it’s raining or chilly that day. Come on, that’s just common sense. Mmiright?!

3. You care about your friends’ health and always encourage them to come to the gym with you or eat a bit healthier.

4. You’re the one holding back hair and tucking people into bed on a night out.

5. You have a full-time job you don’t hate with a burning passion.

6. You made the ultimate show of maturity and invested in life insurance so your loved ones are looked after should the worst was to ever happen to you.

7. You’re actually referred to as the ‘mom’ of your group. And you don’t even mind that much.

8. You don’t need Facebook to remind you when your friends birthdays are coming up – you already know and have bought the perfect gift.

9. Everyone is always coming to you because you give the most logical, caring and mature advice.

10. On more than one occasion, you’ve actually been sort of embarrassed by your friends in public because they’re being too loud or rude.

11. In fact, once you even told one of your friends to grow up (even though you’re the same age).

12. You’re the one who has the emergency supplies in her handbag. If your friend needs painkillers, a tissue, some gum or a tampon? You’ve got it covered.

13. You’ll often suggest a night in hanging out instead of going out.

14. You make a lot of the group’s final decisions about where to eat or go on holiday.

15. You’re always cleaning up after everyone at get-togethers.

how to be more mature cleaning


16. You’re honest, even if your friends don’t want to hear it. You’ll tell her she deserves better than that guy she’s been seeing because you know the truth hurts but she needs to know.

17. You know that every group needs a more mature friend, and you’re happy you can be that person for your gang.

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