17 Things We Still Can’t Believe Really Happened In 2017


We definitely never saw any of these things coming…

When the clock struck midnight and we all cheered in 2017, no one could have predicted what a life-changing year it would be.

To say we had some bombshells dropped these past 12 months would be an understatement. Indeed, things happened we’re still in total disbelief about. Events that would forever change the way we looked at the world, as women. Events we’re still reeling from.

Yep, 2017 was a bumpy ride. Here were the most jaw-dropping moments from the year that was…

1. When, only a few days into the year, a New York city cop said only one kind of rape was “real.”

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2. When millions of women marched in major cities around the world to protest President Trump’s inauguration.

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3. We had just entered February when Trump announced his controversial Muslim ban, and Twitter was having none of it.

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4. A woman went mega-viral after bleeding through her yoga pants in a protest against period shaming.

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5. A tone-deaf Australian senator claimed women enjoyed being sexually harassed (Oh, how 2017 would prove him extremely wrong as the year ticked by…)

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6. Kendall Jenner appeared in that terribly thought-out Pepsi ad…

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7. Another Australian senator made headlines – but for a positive reason – becoming the first senator to ever breastfeed on the floor of parliament.

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8. Gross men admitted to ‘stealthing’ women (removing their condoms without their partner’s knowledge or consent during sex).

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9. The ‘100 Layers’ challenge took the internet by storm and had people putting 100 layers of things, like face masks, on their bodies.

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10. 20 year-old Michelle Carter was convicted of manslaughter after telling her boyfriend to kill himself, proving that words are never really ‘just words’.

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11. In a move forward for the body positive movement, ASOS vowed to stop airbrushing their models’ photos.

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12. Glitter boobs became an actual thing. Really.

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13. And then glitter bombs for your vagina made us all question if we’d finally gone too far with our glitter obsession…

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14. Until we were introduced to the glitter tongue trend.

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15. SHESAID got a stylish makeover (and had a lot of fun celebrating our new look).

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16. The Harvey Weinstein scandal sparked the creation of the #MeToo movement, aimed at empowering millions of women who’ve experienced sexual harassment and assault to come forward to share their stories.

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17. And as 2017 started to wrap up, increasing numbers of women came forward, exposing powerful men across all industries of sexual assault, forever changing the way we think about long-entrenched attitudes of “boys just being boys.”

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Comment: Which of the above events affected you most in 2017?