17 Things You Need To Know Before You Get Botox

February 25, 2016

No, it doesn’t hurt.

Getting cosmetic injectables is not taboo anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s something we talk about in detail.

Most people’s knowledge about Botox is limited to the fact that it smoothes out wrinkles, but there is so much more to it.

If you’re considering getting jabbed soon, there are a few things you should know about the anti-wrinkle treatment…

1. While all kinds of medical practitioners, such as nurses and dentists, are allowed to inject, you should only go to qualified doctors who are properly trained to do it. Getting it just right requires years of training and experience – not just a weekend course.

2. Botox prices vary but are mostly charged ‘per unit’, meaning the price depends on the amount of Botox that is injected. This is the most transparent way to charge; a ‘per area’ fee makes it easier for practices to overcharge.

3. Botox is a toxin and it paralyzes muscles. Sounds scary, but that’s exactly how your wrinkles disappear: you’re unable to move the muscles underneath. Knowing this also highlights the importance of a qualified injector.

4. There are certain foods and supplements you should avoid a few days before the treatment, as they thin your blood and could cause you to bruise more. Green tea and fish oil are two to temporarily steer away from.

5. Getting Botox doesn’t really hurt. Of course, everybody’s pain threshold is different, but the needles used to inject Botox are tiny, making it feel more like a mosquito bite than an injection.

6. Cooling the area with an ice pack right before and straight after the injection helps prevent bleeding and bruising.

7. Heavy exercise shortly after the treatment can make you bruise, so it’s best to take it easy.

8. Laser treatments on the treated area should be avoided for a few days after, but you can have them right up until your Botox appointment.

9. It takes a while for Botox to do its magic, so don’t schedule your treatment the day before a big event – you won’t see the results until three to 10 days later.

10. Getting a face massage or rubbing your face aggressively should be avoided for a few days after the treatment, as it could spread the Botox around and alter the result.

11. Botox usually lasts between three and six months, depending on your metabolism.

12. Applying creams or makeup on the same day is absolutely fine.

13. Botox helps prevent wrinkles. If the creases in your skin are quite deep, you may need some filler to get rid off them. However, if your wrinkles are barely there yet, Botox – if used regularly – can prevent them from forming altogether.

14. Botox doesn’t ‘freeze’ your face. If done right, you will still be able to move your face and show all emotions.

15. Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating and severe headaches.

16. As with every injectable, there can be side effects. The most common ones are bruising and swelling, which usually subside after a few hours. More severe ones are flu symptoms and headaches, but they go away after a while.

17. There is no ‘right’ age to get Botox. If you’re considering getting it done for the first time, it’s best to schedule a consultation with your injector to discuss if Botox is right for you.

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Comment: Have you had Botox or gone under the knife? What advice do you have for others wanting to do the same?


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