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17 Things You Need To Stop Thinking About And Just Do, Right Now

17 Things You Need To Stop Thinking About And Just Do, Right Now

You only get one shot at life, so ensure yours includes these non-negotiable things…

We’re all a little bit guilty of procrastination

You know the feeling – there’s something you have to do, but you have zero motivation to actually go out and do it, so instead, mentally push it aside and start a new Netflix binge or spend half an hour surfing ASOS instead. You think, ‘I’ll get to it eventually, no rush’, then all of a sudden, three weeks have passed and you still haven’t booked your car in to get serviced or phoned that insurance company about a quote. 

While we’re always going to put off doing things to some extent, one of the signs of being a fully-grown adult who is absolutely winning at life is finally biting the bullet and doing all of those annoying tasks instead of pushing them aside for your future-self to stress over.

And guess what? There’s no time like right now to stop just thinking about your ever-growing to-do list and start doing the things on it. If you wanna feel like a real goal-kicker, have way less stress in your life and be prepped for just about anything, get to these babies, stat…

1. Visit the dentist. Yeah, it’s expensive and can be painful, but your teeth are important.

2. Actually, book in to see all kinds of professionals – doctors, an accountant, the specialist you’ve been putting off seeing. Just pick up the phone and start booking in appointments now. It’ll take 10 minutes, tops.

3. Learn how to change the oil and tyres on your own car so you’re not left stranded up a highway one day (and that day will definitely come).


4. De-clutter your house, wardrobe and office desk. You’ll feel clearer mentally and happier and lighter without so much crap lying around. Plus, it’ll be way easier to find stuff in a snap, and as a bonus, you can make some money out of it by selling off your old stuff.

5. Cancel that subscription you never use anymore – whether it’s the gym money-suck, your Netflix account you never have time to log into anymore, or the magazine you signed up for three years ago. 

6. Open a cookbook and learn a few new recipes to mix up your dinner menu and feel like a true queen in the kitchen next time guests drop in unexpectedly. 

7. Finally end any friendships that are toxic. You don’t need those people in your life. End of story.

8. Speak to an insurance specialist about life insurance options so you and your family are prepared in case the worst happens. They will be able to provide you with multiple options to enable you to choose a plan which is suitable and manageable for you.

9. Clean out your underwear draw. We’re all guilty of holding onto old panties that are comfy as hell, but waaay past their use-by date. Chuck ’em. 

10. Set aside some ‘me time’ to do whatever you want to do, just for you, because if us women are guilty of anything, it’s putting our personal wellbeing last. Make today the day you make it a priority again.

11. Check your bank balance to see where you spend all of your money

12. … and then draft up a budget so you can start to really save – and try to actually stick to it!

13. Stop putting off changing your diet to something healthier “next week”. You can’t live on pizza and wine forever (even if you wish you could). 

14. Look into income protection as it covers specific circumstances – illness and injury and if selected, involuntary redundancy. Therefore, this may leave you feeling secure in your job.

15. Pick up a new hobby to learn a skill and further your personal development. 

16. Plan a holiday somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, add it to your new savings plan and start squirreling away for it. 

17. And after you’ve tackled all of these important tasks, run yourself a bubble bath, kick back, and relax in your glory. You earned it.


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