17 Thoughts Every Woman Has Getting Acrylic Nails Done

August 9, 2017
Getting nails done

Acrylic nails = life.

Make no mistake about it; a fresh set of acrylic nails has the power to make a gal feel like she can conquer just about anything.

But that seemingly never-ending wait time in the salon chair? The hefty regular chunk of your paycheck that goes into their upkeep? And the oddly satisfying smell of toxic chemicals that tends to hang around on your new digits and is almost certainly slowly killing you?

Well, it’s all worth it for that final moment of glory when your shiny new nails are revealed.

If you can relate, you probably know this internal monologue well…

1. Okay, better mentally prepare myself because this will take ages…

time for that nails

2. Oh god, what color will I choose? Damn, being so indecisive!

too many choices nails

3. Better check Pinterest for some color inspo…

pinterest nails

4. Alright, I’ve narrowed it down to these two. Okay, three. Alright, maybe four. Seven? Now comes the hard part…

bad at decisions nails

5. Definitely this one.

favorite color nails


indecisive nails

7. “What shape would you like” is literally the hardest question ever asked.

dont know how to answer nails

8. Oh wait, “how long” is. I can’t tell! What if I go too short?

dont fuck it up nails

9. Should I get a fancy nail design or just a color?

treat yo self nails

10. Oh god, this nail filing sort of hurts. Pretend it doesn’t though, act normal…

ouch nails

11. They keep telling me to relax my fingers but I don’t think I’m flexing them. How do I normally hold my fingers again? What does being human look like?

do with my hands gif

12. I’m actually impressed at how fast she’s filing my nails, damn…

skills nails

13. God, I wish I could check my phone right now…

need my phone nails

14. Watching them put the acrylic on my finger is mesmerizing…

amazing nails

13. Alright, polish time!

nail polish nails

14. Don’t smudge it. Don’t smudge it.

be careful nails

15. Holy crap this is expensive!

expensive manicure nails

16. Next time I’m definitely going longer.

long nails

17. My nails look fabulous. I am so happy!

amazing nails gif

Images via theplunder.com, tumblr.com, giphy.com, tenor.com, wifflegif.com, gifriffic.com, pinterest.com.

Comment: Do you have any of these thoughts while at the nail salon? 


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