17 Tiny But Inspiring Feminist Tattoos

June 18, 2019
feminist tattoos

Because the only thing better than wearing your heart on your sleeve, is wearing it on your skin.

In a world where an openly sexist, chauvinist man can be President of the United States and the gender pay gap is still very real, it’s more important than ever to be a feminist – and not afraid to own it.

There are many ways to support gender equality, and while arguably the most important way to do so is to actively take a stand against sexism and unfair treatment, showing off your feminist pride can be just as empowering.

And while there’s always opting for a feminist-inspired Halloween costume or wearing a T-shirt with a feminist slogan, the most powerful way to celebrate womanhood is the permanent kind: getting a girl-powered tattoo.

Getting a small, but meaningful tatt is a great way to show off your solidarity with your fellow sisters, especially if they’re as cool as these 17 tiny feminist tattoos…

  1. This fearless one.

2. This feminist flower.

3. This typography.

4. This motivational one.

5. This simple design.

6. This geometric beauty.

7. This equality symbol.

8. These six powerful letters.

9. This cute idea.

10. This clever writing.

11. This iconic logo.

12. This dainty design.

13. This detailed drawing.

14. This sassy quote.

15. This beautiful writing.

16. These strong muscles.

17. And this simplest of all symbols.

Images via pinterest.com, instagram.com.

Comment: What would your feminist tattoo look like?

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