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17 Vibrators That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

17 Vibrators That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

It’s a party in your pants.

May is officially Masturbation Month, and here at SHESAID HQ, we’re rejoicing!

Why? Well, apart from the fact it’s celebrating a topic which carries a lot of stigma and definitely shouldn’t, the activity actually has an overwhelming amount of health and wellbeing benefits.

Not only is masturbation great for your vagina, it helps relieve stress, improves your sleep patterns and immune system. Flicking the bean also reduces your cravings for junk food, and, best of all, it does wonders for your heart and will almost certainly improve your chances of receiving orgasms in the bedroom with your SO. Basically, it’s a win-win!

So to help a sister out and embrace this wonderful month, we’ve collated 17 of the best vibrators from around the world. Each of these unique vibrators passed our strict performance tests, achieving five stars for their look, feel, design and high-tech factor. You’re welcome…

1. The Bullet


The Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to vibrators, the bullet is ideal for clitoral, anal and nipple stimulation and can be used to carry out shallow insertion as well. Better yet, it’s small and discreet enough to carry around in your purse, so you’ll never be left high and dry!

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2. The Rabbit


Designed to create a blended orgasm – both internally and externally – those who are like Charlotte in the Sex and the City ep that made this sex toy a worldwide hit, and feel a little hesitant, can rest assured – after one round with The Rabbit, you’ll never look back.

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3. The Butterfly


This innovative hands-free vibrator is strapped to your body and works to stimulate the clitoris without any need for manual action, so it’s perfect for lazy girls. The intensity and speed are powered remotely, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you can wear the butterfly out to have an exciting night while your SO controls your arousal.

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4. The Classic


With its cylindrical shape, the classic vibrator is ideal for a first-timer. It’s girth and length depends on size, but we recommend starting small for light penetration before moving on to those that’ll give you the satisfaction no man could ever achieve.

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5. The Double Penetration


For those intrigued to try, or for those who already enjoy anal sex, this vibrator is for you. Many women find an anal orgasm far more pleasurable, and with its sizeable insertable length, prepare to have your mind blown with this dual function toy.

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6. The Squirting


Women who enjoy the ‘real’ sensations of sex when masturbating will adore this squirting vibrator. You can choose warm or cold liquid and intensify your climax via controlling the exact moment you wish to experience the feeling of ejaculation.

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7. The Finger


This tiny tickler is perfect for women on the go and is a seamless next step for those who have exhausted their introductory bullet or classic vibrator. Attached to your index finger, this sex toy will allow you to be precise when simulating, and is compact enough to be with you wherever you go.

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8. The G-Spot


Unlike your partner’s plaything, this fun-loving vibrator will hit the spot, every time. With its curved tip, the gadget targets the pleasure-seeking g-spot and the highly sensitive front wall of the vagina for a guaranteed explosive orgasm.

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9. The Powerful


Some women, particularly those who are more mature, rely on more than a standard tremble to climax. If you fall under this umbrella, a powerful vibrator like this Power Stud Rod vibrator, will pack a punch and allow you to achieve the mind-boggling pleasure you’re looking for.

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10. The Realistic


Designed to resemble a genuine penis (and a very well-endowed one at that), realistic vibrators have an exceptional level of detail. They will often include the scrotum, veins and glands, and replicate the look of one so the sensation when masturbating is similar to doing the deed.

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11. The Remote Controlled Bullet


If you and your SO are looking to expand your sexual repertoire, a remote control vibrator allows for hands-free fun inside and outside the bedroom. This adult toy can also be used for solo play, allowing you to use the remote to work your way through the intensities until you reach the big O.

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12. The Inaudible


Bask in the glory of your orgasm in complete silence with this noiseless, pink vibrator. Made for those of us living with children or nosey room mates who are starting to wise up to the old electric toothbrush excuse, you’ll never have to worry about someone catching you off guard again.

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13. The Tongue


Designed to mimic the look and feel of a real tongue, this love machine uses regular batteries to get going. Rubbing this against your clitoris and vulva will make you feel like someone special’s giving you a never-ending kiss to remember.

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14. The Thruster


The shaft of this aqua hued toy impersonates the movement of a thrusting penis, moving up and down when turned on. More advanced models allow you to control the speed, intensity and pattern of thrusting so you can really prolong the excitement.

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15. The Triple Threat


You’ll reach uncharted levels of pleasure with this triple threat vibrator. Modelled to cover all bases – the vagina, clitoris and anus – those who are ready to leave their comfort zone will be in for a wild ride and experience overwhelming pleasure as all the erogenous zones are attended to.

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16. The Love Egg


The love egg is relatively small, so it can either be fully inserted or used to rub against your clit. But don’t underestimate its capability, these pocket rockets are typically attached by a wire to a remote control, so they’re easy to retrieve after climax and can arouse you at whatever pace you deem fit.

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17. The Vibrating Panties


Sex toy enthusiasts will love this sexy, wearable vibrator. Allowing your partner to control the intensity of the vibration can spice up any sitch; just think of the thrill of having your clit stimulated in the middle of dinner. Having a night to remember will take on a whole new meaning…

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Comment: Have you tried any of these vibrators? Which one is your fave?


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