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17 Vodka Cocktail Recipes That Are Christmas In A Cup

17 Vodka Cocktail Recipes That Are Christmas In A Cup

‘Tis the season to get very drunk…

The holiday season can be a magical time. You get to spend time with family and friends, spread good will, and appreciate the little things.

It’s also a time for getting buzzed – partly because you have to spend time with your family, and also because, if we’re being honest, Christmas is actually pretty terrible.

So if you require a beverage that will get you lit, but aren’t a total grinch and want to maintain a little bit of holiday spirit, these cocktail recipes have got you covered…

1. The Absolutely Fabulous

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You can’t have Christmas without cranberries. Or vodka. Or wine. Or this fabulous cocktail that combines all three. (Recipe here).

2. The Berry Merry Christmas


Picture yourself sipping this pretty little cocktail while waiting for Christmas dinner to be served. Perfection. (Recipe here).

3. Eggnog Martini


Mix classic eggnog with vanilla vodka, almond liqueur and pumpkin pie syrup and you will have created the ultimate Christmas cocktail. (Recipe here).

4. Cosmopolitan


Classic, chic and Christmasey (because of the cranberries), nothing beats a traditional Cosmo. (Recipe here).

5. White Chocolate Snowflake Martini


Don’t dream of a white Christmas; dream of a white chocolate snowflake martini…. (Recipe here).

6. Jack Frost


This Wintery cocktail is a fantastic and festive version of the piña colada. (Recipe here).

7. Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa


This simple three-ingredient holiday cocktail is perfect for parties, brunches, dinners, Christmas day, New Year’s Eve… (Recipe here).

8. Chocolate Cream Pie Martini 


What would Christmas be without chocolate, cream, and booze? Mmmm… (Recipe here).

9. Russian Spring Punch

Russian Spring Punch-9c8d3c96fbd022a0c7321a603c671b5b

A fantastic party drink, this alcoholic punch is the cocktail you need for all of the end-of-year parties the holiday season forces on you. (Recipe here).

10. Winter Wonderland White Cranberry Martini


This creative little cocktail uses a rosemary infused syrup to take the smell of Christmas trees and put it right in your drink. Perfection! (Recipe here).

11. Mistletoe


A delish cocktail that’s sure to put you in the mood for a little lip action under the mistletoe. (Recipe here).

12. Sugar Cookie Martini


There is always the baking of sugar cookies around the holidays, and this cocktail tastes just like one, minus the effort. (Recipe here).

13. White Hot Chocolate Candy Cane Martini


What could be more Christmasey than candy cane infused vodka? Nothing, that’s what. (Recipe here).

14. Vesper


The kind of cocktail you can drink with your fave aunt while quietly judging all of your other family members over Christmas dinner. (Recipe here).

15. Jingle Juice Holiday Punch


This jingle juice is almost as fun to say as it is to drink, and the hue is so perfectly festive, you’ll instantly be in the holiday mood. (Recipe here).

16. The Merry Friar


This creamy cocktail uses coffee and vodka to create a holiday drink worth devoting your Christmas night to. (Recipe here).

17. Santa Claus-mopolitan

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Named after the jolly man in the red suit and hat, this quirky take on the classic Cosmo looks exactly like Santa’s red fluffy hat. (Recipe here).

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Comment: What is your fave vodka Christmas cocktail? 

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