17 Hairstyle Ideas For Short Hair That Are Dreamy AF

March 28, 2019

Who said you can’t do anything with short locks?

Not a week goes by where I don’t consider chopping off my long hair. It’s taken me three years to grow it to the middle of my back, but I regularly feel the urge to get rid of it and have a hair makeover.

There’s this misconception that long hair is more versatile than short hair, as you can create all these amazing up-dos with it, but the reality is, 99 per cent of people with long hair either wear it down or in a boring ponytail. Short hair, on the other hand, can be styled in just as many ways as lengthy locks, and people with shorter dos generally tend to be more adventurous with how they style their mops. And contrary to popular opinion, you don’t actually need of a thousand bobby pins, heated hair tools, and half an hour of blow-drying time to style a short mane.

Just a bit of texture spray and a few easy braids can make a short hairstyle look absolutely fab, and of course, the right cut and hue can make a world of difference and put any long-haired chick like me into serious hair envy.

So if like me, you’ve considered making the cut, these 17 dreamy short hairstyles might be exactly what you need to book in that hair salon appointment…

1. This cheeky cut.

2. These dope dutch braids.

3. This angled bob.

4. This twisted ‘do.

5. This wavy top knot.

6. This slaying style.

7. These cute buns.

8. These caramel highlights.

9. This bold bandana.

10. This sleek pixie.

11. This purple perfection.

12. These immaculate plaits.

13. These cool curls.

14. This terrific texture.

15. This fab fringe.

16. This silver superstar.

17. And this unique undercut.

Images via pinterest.com.


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