18 Hilarious Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Work Husband (Or Wife)

Because they’re the one person who makes work bearable.

If you love your job, congrats. You’re one of the elite few who don’t actually cringe when the alarm blares on Monday morning.

But if you’re like the majority of the working population, chances are you’d probably rather be many other places right now than discreetly reading this article from your phone to break up the monotony in between spreadsheets. But hey, someone’s gotta bring home the bacon, right?

But while you may not spring out of bed with joy come the beginning of every week, greeting your work husband (or wife) when you walk into the office is usually enough to put a smile right back on your face. After all, who understands your perpetual struggle with the photocopier or snarky colleague Susan better than your work bestie?

They’re the one person in the office you can discreetly shoot eye rolls at during BS meetings without fear of looking slack. Which is why they deserve a gift that’ll make them laugh out loud this year. One that shows just how much you ‘get’ them. And these fun, cheap, hilarious Christmas gift ideas are sure to do just that…

1. This sassy sweatshirt

For the colleague who won’t talk to you until they’ve had their morning brew.

Buy it here.

2. This nifty notepad

For the work friend who’s constantly dishing out feelgood compliments.

Buy it here.

3. This genius mug

Equal parts boredom buster and coffee holder.

Buy it here.

4. These desk flip-signs

So they can tell the whole office how they really feel.

Buy it here.

5. This leafy green desk lamp

For your eco-conscious work wife.

Buy it here.

6. This cheeky cup

Another one for the office caffeine fiend.

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7. This clever paperweight 

For the office potty-mouth.

Buy it here.

8. This inspiring trinket dish

For the coworker who’s a total #girlboss.

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9. This desktop basketball set

For the coworker who’s always goofing around.

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10. This personalized charging station

For the person in the office whose devices are always going flat.

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11. This chic wall art

To brighten up their cubicle, and remind them of what really matters.

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12. This sarcastic mug

For the office grammar nazi.

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13. These note cards

Give them out in meetings. Because meetings are terrible.

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14. These positive gel pens

Oh, gel yeah.

Buy them here.

15. This very punny calender

Perfect for brightening a dull workday.

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16. These arrogant desk signs

For the work friend who totally owns it.

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17. This desktop punching bag 

Perfect for the person who hates their job.

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18. And this office-approved cookbook

For the person at work who’s perpetually trawling the lunchroom fridge.

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Featured image photography by Ashim Joshi.

Comment: What are you getting your work BFF this Christmas? 

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