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18 Reasons It’s Awesome Being A Woman

18 Reasons It’s Awesome Being A Woman

There’s never been a better time to celebrate our womanhood.

It might seem, on the face of it, that this is not the easiest time to be a woman.

For one thing, Americans have an accused serial sexual abuser sitting in the White House – a man who refers to women as dogs and calls breastfeeding mothers “disgusting.” His election triggered protest marches all over the world, as women feared for their reproductive rights, as well as for the plight of refugees and the fate of the planet in general.

For another, in the wake of the #MeToo movement, practically every day another man makes the news with his atrocious behavior. Actors, authors, dancers, singers, writers, businessmen, comedians – none of our favorites are exempt. Survivors are walking around like raw nerves, triggered by every headline. In some cases, women are even attacking each other out of frustration and fear.

On the other hand, for the first time in history, women are coming forward with our stories of sexual harassment and assault in droves – and we’re being believed. Men are facing consequences for their actions. People are having important conversations about consent, and about the importance of women’s sexual pleasure. When you really stop and think about it, it’s an amazing time to be a woman. We’re more powerful than ever before. We are a force. And we’re only getting stronger.

And so, to celebrate this International Women’s Day, here are 18 amazing things about being a woman. Watch out, world.

1. We live longer than men. (Sorry, guys.)

2. We get the best shoes.

3. We’re tough enough to withstand pain that would kill a man.

4. We’re capable of talking about our feelings without getting completely freaked out.

5. We always have a legitimate excuse for our moody behavior.

6. We can have at least four different kinds of orgasms.

7. Our vaginas look like unique and beautiful flowers.

8. We can make new people from our bodies.

9. We can feed those people from our bodies, too.

10. We never have to pay on a first date. (Unless we want to.)

11. Dresses with pockets are a thing now.

12. We can multitask like nobody’s business.

13. Lipstick. Enough said.

14. We get to carry purses. (Seriously – how do men survive without them?)

15. We have more autonomy over our bodies than women at any other time in history.

16. We’re strong enough to survive assault, abuse, harassment, and and worse.

17. We stick together, no matter what.

18. We’re coming for the patriarchy, and we’re not messing around.

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