February 15, 2010

A new company is offering break-up packages to clients who want someone else to do the dumping for them!

Bernd Dressler, head of the “Separation Agency”, works
only with clients who pay him in advance and sign a four-page contract
detailing “three or four reasons” to finish the relationship. “I can also
show this to the person concerned to show them this is not a gag,” he said.

“I knock on the door. I introduce myself and I say that my client no longer
wishes to continue the affair. It’s very simple. It takes two minutes and it happens on the doorstep. I’m just the messenger. It’s not me breaking up the relationship. The person breaking it off is the person that hired me to do it.”

Clients can choose how they want the news delivered: firmly
or tenderly, over the phone, via a letter or personally. A typical client ranges in age from 18 to 35 and is predominantly female,” he said. “We live in a throw-away society. You drink a can of coke and you throw it away. You don’t fancy your partner any more, you go out and find another one,” he added.

Mr Dressler has also started another business called “forgive me” which sees him say sorry for other people’s indiscretions.

So what do you think? Would you use this service? How would you feel if you were broken up with like this?

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