19 Things Husbands Do That Are Annoying AF

March 18, 2016

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Husband: “Where did you put my sunglasses?!”

Me: “They’re right in front of you!”

Sound familiar? If you’re married or living with a man, you know what I’m talking about.

Why is it that men can never, ever seem to find things around the house, no matter how obvious the location? Pointing out the whereabouts of items is just one of many things I have become accustomed to doing since getting married – but it’s still annoying AF. It’s as if guys are intentionally trying to push our buttons over and over again, with no chance of change in sight.

The only thing comforting me is I’m apparently not alone in my misery, which thankfully came to light in a recent conversation with my girlfriends. Turns out men are basically all the same when it comes to weird quirks and illogical conduct. Here are 19 things that we all agreed drive us bat crap crazy…

1. Leaving cupboard doors open, making the house look like the scene of a burglary.

2. Misplacing everything – then claiming someone must have stolen it.

3. Leaving empty toilet paper rolls next to the bin, because putting them in is way too hard a task.

4. Farting… a lot.

5. Falling asleep instantly and snoring all night long. Separate bedrooms, here we come.

6. Sitting on expensive decorative cushions. That’s not what they’re there for!

7. Not listening. Like, how many times do we have to repeat ourselves?

8. Not remembering things we literally said five minutes ago because they weren’t listening.

9. Cheering on sports players on TV. They can’t hear you, babe.

10. Using our expensive shampoo/creams/serums when they’ve run out of their cheap stuff.

11. Getting upset about dust in the car but ‘forgetting’ to wash the dishes three nights in a row.

12. Washing our delicate underwear with their jeans/socks/whatever they find.

13. Wearing clothes until they literally fall apart. Because stains aren’t bad enough…

14. Spending an eternity on the toilet. It simply can’t take that long.

15. Chewing with their mouths open.

16. Thinking a conversation only requires grunting sounds. Can you please form proper sentences?

17. Constantly touching their junk. Could you not?!

18. Buying the wrong groceries. No, low-fat milk is not skim milk.

19. Eating junk food and not gaining weight. Okay, technically not their fault, but still annoying AF!

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Comment: Have we missed something? What’s your pet hate when it comes to the things guys do (or don’t do)?


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