19 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know

October 24, 2015

Because we all need a little help in the makeup department.

I remember the first time I attempted to use stick-on lashes. Unfortunately I chose a public event (my 21st birthday) to debut my new look even though it was a less-than-impressive attempt (read: they were peeling off my lash-line, exposing an equally disastrous attempt at a cat-eye flick). Nobody told me you HAD to wait for the glue to get tacky before applying it over your natural lashes, or that trimming the falsies was even an option. I splurged $18 on those babies at MAC and didn’t want to jeopardize their natural state. Long story short: makeup disasters happen when you’re not fully equipped.

So before you attempt your next makeup look, try some of these easy beauty hacks that are sure to get you one step closer to pro status…

1. Go green


Also known as the invisibility cloak, a green-based concealer will cancel out red tones in your skin, and neutralize your base. Simply apply your usual foundation or BB cream over the top – what a saviour.

2. Sponge it

19 Makeup Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Should Know

Skip the stippling brush and use a damp cosmetic sponge to work your foundation into your skin with a gentle tapping motion. It might look like you’re playing ping pong with your face, but it helps to curb dry patches for a flawless base.

3. Beware the bronzer


My skin is naturally quite fair (Shh, don’t tell anyone), and the only way I get any type of glow is from a bronzer. It might seem tempting to apply it all over your face, but this will only have you looking like a Dorito, sadly I have the pictures to prove it. Only apply a bit of bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face – forehead, temples, down the bridge of the nose, and over the cheeks. Save the Doritos for your afternoon snack.

4. Bye-bye baggage

19 Makeup Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Should Know

Whether you want to brighten your under-eye area or hide any dark circles, I have the ultimate trick which works for every woman. Create an upside down triangle starting from the inner corner of your eye all the way to the tip. Use the applicator to fill-in the upside down triangle, and carefully buff the product into the skin with a damp cosmetic sponge for an instantly fresh-faced look, minus the under-eye baggage.

5. Fake it till you make it

19 Makeup Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Should Know

Use a standard white makeup pencil to shade in the centre of your top and bottom lips leading into the cupids bow. Apply a lipstick of your choice over the top, and blend it in with your finger for an instantly fuller pout.

6. Look down

19 Makeup Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Should Know

If I had to just name one thing I love to hate, it’s a cat-eye. I cannot count how many times I’ve had to start over because my flicks don’t match, or I’ve gone off on a tangent and ended up drawing something abstract on my face. One of the easiest ways to achieve this look without losing your mind is to look down into a small, handheld mirror. Start with the flick, then work your way in towards the inner corner of the eye.

7. Dip it


It’s a sad fact of life, but mascara dries out way too fast and I just don’t have the stamina to scoop out the remaining product from those annoying tubes. But here’s something you might not know: diping your brush into some petroleum jelly will lengthen the life of your mascara and keep the formula from drying. Thrifty and genius.

8. Pucker up

19 Makeup Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Should Know

To do away with bright lipstick transfer paranoia, apply your lipstick as usual, then make your lips into an ‘o’ shape around your finger, slowly pulling it out of your mouth to remove any excess.

9. Two birds, one stone


Save precious morning time by curling and lining your lashes at the same time by drawing on your eyelash curler with a brow pencil, then carefully pressing it onto your lash-line. The pencil should transfer creating the perfect liner without the extra hassle.

10. Perfect match


While it’s often a little too tempting to shop online – especially when there’s a sale, it’s important to test out your foundation in person. Rather than applying it onto the back of your hand, try it on your neck. The correct colour will blend seamlessly into the skin and won’t leave you looking fifty shades of orange.

11. See red


If you have a special event coming up, here’s a little trick. Apply red lipstick in a circle around each eye, blend with your fingers then cover with normal concealor and foundation. The colour helps to counteract any dark undertones, and will leave your base looking completely neutral.

12. Make it matte

19 Makeup Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Should Know

In search of a matte lip colour but don’t have the time or money to get your hands on one? Make your lipstick last the distance by applying a tissue over your lips, and gently setting it with a translucent powder. It helps to soak up any oily residue, instantly turning it matte and giving your lippie ultimate staying power.

13. Oiled up


Panda eyes are often the price we pay from a crazy night out, and a few too many cocktails #NoRegrets. Make sure to properly remove all remnants of the previous night with the help of a cotton pad and olive oil. Not only is olive oil a natural makeup remover, but it helps to deeply nourish skin at the same time.

14. Get trim

19 Makeup Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Should Know

My lashes are naturally blonde and quite fine, so using a thick strip of party lashes is big no, unless I want to look like a showgirl. Measure your falsies over your natural lash line, then trim off the excess. Please, don’t repeat my mistakes.

15. Get set


Where would I be without the magical help of setting spray to control those pools of oil on my face?! A little tip – make sure to apply your mascara after the setting spray has dried. Why? Doing this in reverse will make your mascara dry and tacky. Keep micellar water or makeup wipes on hand to correct this annoying mistake.

16. Stick to it

19 Makeup Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Should Know

Eyeshadow is one of the trickiest looks to pull off without looking like you slept in your own makeup. Use a piece of sticky tape and attach it on an angle, starting from the outer corner of your eye, pointing toward the end of your brow tail. Apply shadow as normal then gently peel back your tape to reveal a crisp, perfect edge, every time.

17.  Glow on

19 Makeup Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Should Know

Sometimes we all need an instant pick-me-up, and in makeup terms this holy grail product is called a highlighter. Dust it lightly over your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and on the cupids bow to bring some dimension to your makeup.

18. Big eyes

19 Makeup Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Should Know

Cover the evidence of a big night by lining your eyes with a white brow pencil. Apply it directly onto your bottom waterline to create the illusion of extra beauty sleep and instantly enlarge your peepers.

19. Brow wow


Everyone wants strong #BrowGame, but this is really dependant on the shape of your face. The closer the space between your eyebrows, the smaller your nose will appear. This doesn’t mean you should create a monobrow all for the sake of a smaller nose – instead, follow the natural shape of your eyebrows for a flawless look.

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