19 Next Level NYE Party Hairstyle Ideas

December 14, 2015

It’s time to up your hair game.

The festive season is well and truly upon us. We’re all heading off to more parties than we have time for, and with more celebrations now than any other time of the year, we’re all a little conscious of what we wear and how we choose to style ourselves.

No one wants to end up being that person who’s been seen in the same red dress, with the same black pumps and floral headpiece to the past three functions.

However, while there’s plenty of ways to avoid outfit repeating, it’s harder to reuse statement hairstyles. So if you’re stumped for New Year’s Eve party hairstyle ideas, stay with us. We’ve got 19 truly inspired looks so show-stopping, no one will be looking at your dress…

1. Cute accessories


This half up, half down do is perfect for any New Year’s Eve event, particularly with the added accessories that will get you into theme. Simply pin back the front section of your hair and get a friend to strategically place star sequins throughout. Set with hairspray to ensure the look will hold.

2. The twisted bun


A beautiful hairstyle to try out if you’re heading somewhere with a black tie dress code this NYE. It takes the low bun to the next level and will look stunning on mid-length to long hair. See the full tutorial here.

3. Curled bob


Wow everyone when you add some volume to your bob with these relaxed curls. Part your hair into inch-thick sections, wrapping each one around a curling iron. To keep the curls from falling, secure each one loosely to your scalp with a bobby pin until your whole head is complete. Let the bobby pins out right before you leave and run a wide-tooth comb through to loosen before setting with hairspray.

4. Sleek low ponytail


This is a super simple look that will take you seconds to pull off. Part your hair to one side, then brush hair back toward the nape of your neck and secure with a stylish hair band, setting the look with hairspray.

5. Braided updo


If you’re feeling creative and want to make a serious impression at your NYE party, then this is the style for you. It’s extremely intricate and will take some practice, but the finished product is definitely worth it. See the full tutorial here.

6. The half up topsy 


This cute, flirty look is ideal for a casual end of year celebration. Start with your hair in day-old curls, tease slightly and then pull the top section into a loose hair band. Make a small hole in the hair that’s been pulled back and flip the section that’s in the band into the gap, before pulling it through.

7. Bouncy curls


These fun, fabulous curls look glorious on mid-length to long hair. You’ll need a few curlers to complete the job, but it will be worth it when you end up with beautiful bouncy curls. Just remember to prep your hair with a setting product first. See full tutorial here.

8. The messy bun


The messy bun is casual enough for any daytime event and can easily be dressed up for an evening celebration. Simply pull hair into a low, loose ponytail, then separate the pony into three sections, teasing each one before wrapping and pinning back into the bun. When you’re finished, pull a few pieces out around your face to keep your hairstyle from looking too ballerina like.

9. Half up fishtail braid


This dreamy look is a step up from the half up topsy, but will no doubt leave everyone else at your New Year’s Eve party with some serious hair envy. See the full tutorial here.

10. Messy ponytail


This ponytail suits most face shapes and is super easy to do. Start with blow dried hair and section off the top half. Spray it with volumizer, tease the underside and pin back to secure at your desired height. Pull the rest of your mane into a tight ponytail and tease for extra volume to complete the look.

11. Beachy waves


Beach waves work well on hair of any hair length, but look particularly amaze on long locks. Apply some sea salt spray to towel-dried hair then blow out until 85 per cent dry, scrunching small segments of hair as you go. Finish with an extra spritz of sea salt spray and some hairspray to set.

12. The smooth blow out


This flawless look is excellent for any occasion and can easily take you from a daytime gathering to glam nighttime NYE party. See full tutorial here.

13. The waterfall braid


Perfect for a short mop, the waterfall braid is a total party showstopper that’s surprisingly easy to pull off with a little practice. See the full tutorial here.

14. Pinned back glam


Jazz up the straightforward half up do as you bring in the New Year by pinning the front segments of your hair back with a quirky accessory and teasing the remaining strands to add texture and volume.

15. The fishtail plait


Upgrade from your standard french braid with an alluring fishtail. These are much simpler to fashion than you’d think, just divide your locks into two and continue to weave strands of hair from one side to the other. See the full tutorial here.

16. Twisted 


Uncomplicated and effortless, this style is appropriate for any NYE occasion. Simply twist a small section from the front of your hair and pin to secure. Make sure you fasten behind your ear.

17. Sleek wrap-around


You’ll look confident and sharp this NYE with this clever wrap-around technique. Divide your hair into three sections, pull the middle back into a ponytail and then wrap the outer parts around the hair tie before fixing with a few bobby pins for an effortlessly chic do.

18. Braided ponytail


This pretty boho look is a cute way to add some interest to your standard ponytail. The bonus with this style is that it’s perfect to do on unwashed hair. See full tutorial here.

19. Jewelled headpieces


If you don’t have the time to style and smarten up your hair before your New Year’s Eve event begins, just add an elegant headpiece. No effort required and you’ll look totally fashion forward.

Images via pinterest.com.

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