19 Products That’ll Seriously Lift Your Hair Game

November 26, 2019

Styling a killer ‘do has never been easier. 

I’m one of those ‘one-hairstyle-only’ kind of gals.

I discovered hair straightening at age 14 and have never looked back, flattening my curly locks into a smooth, sleek ‘do almost every day for over a decade. I straighten my hair for everyday looks, to go into the office, or attend weddings and formal events. I spent years saying this was a style choice, but it’s time to come clean.

I straightened my hair every day because I didn’t know what else to do with it.

But with just a few products from Hairhouse and a little bit of know-how, I turned myself from a hairstyle have-not to a styling master.

I now know the difference that the right brush, correct hair product, and good-quality styling tool can achieve, and am here to pass that knowledge on to you.

So take note of what kind of hair you have – thick and curly? Thin and long? Short? Coloured? – so you know what kind of products you’re looking for, and get ready to seriously lift your hair game…

1. Heat protectant spray

Anyone who lived through the dreaded “Wet 2 Dry” hair straightener era will remember the distinct sizzle of having their hair burnt by a heated styling product. While we’ve moved passed trying to straighten wet hair, if you regularly use heat styling tools like curlers or straighteners, heat protectant spray is a must. These products help to shield your hair from the damage of heat by forming a barrier between your hair and the tool. They also seal in moisture and can help reduce frizz and flyaway hair.

Check out high-quality heat protectant sprays here.

2. Hair straighteners

Ah, the humble hair straightener, the hair styling product that changed the game. Whether your hair is thick and prone to frizz, or thin and whispy, there’s a hair straightener for you. With the right skills, you can use it to make beautiful hair curls as well (two-in-one products are always a winner), and depending on the brand and kind of straightener, they all protect the hair and work in different ways.

Check out our range of hair straighteners here.

3. Hair treatments

When our skin is feeling lacklustre, we pop on a facemask. If our skin is dry, we moisturize. If our hair is in desperate need of a cleanse or refreshing boost, we reach for hair treatments. Everything from our diet, lifestyle and the weather to heat styling, hair dying and chemical products affect our hair, and indulging in a hair treatment is a great way to repair your hair, and sort out a lot of hair concerns.

Look at a bunch of different hair treatments here.

4. Texture and volume

Is your hair feeling a little flat? Use some sea salt spray – or beach spray – or volumizing powder to give your hair some pizazz. Texture spray, like sea salt spray, give loose, natural-looking “beachy” waves while the powders add volume and maximum oomph.

Check out texture and volumizing products here.

5. Oils and serums

Those of us with oily hair might recoil in horror at the idea of putting a hair serum or oil in their hair, but don’t fret! Hair oils and serums nourish and improve the health of your hair, and don’t actually make your hair ‘oily’. Whether you’re using them as a detangle or to control frizz and give shine, hair oils are a great once-a-week product. Hair serums have more of a protection formulation, but they both work in similar ways.

Browse these hair oils and serums here.

6. Shampoo and conditioner

Having a good quality shampoo and conditioner is arguably the foundation of having healthy hair. With shampoos and conditioners to cover every hair type, need, and budget, there really is a shampoo for everyone.

Check out high-quality shampoos and conditioners.

7. Hair primer

When you use a makeup primer, it helps your makeup to last longer and look smoother and better. Hair primer works in much the same way; they create a nice base for your hair products and tools, allowing the style (think, curls) to last longer, keep frizz away and protect the hair strands from heat and humidity damage.

Say goodbye to fallen curls and shop for hair primers here.

8. Hair curlers

Curling irons come in all sorts of lengths, thicknesses, and styles to produce a range of different curls, from waves and ringlets to big, bouncy barrel curls. To help your curls last longer, make sure you use heat protectant spray and a spritz of hairspray once your curls are looking cute.

Check out a range of hair curlers here.

9. Hairbrushes and combs

The first time I realized that brushes and combs aren’t just for brushing and combing, my life changed forever. There are so many different kinds of brushes that are used for different styling needs and hair textures and types, and it turns out that the reason my hair always dried frizzy was because of the brush I was using when I got out of the shower. From the humble paddle brush, that is perfect for long, straight hair, to round brushes used for blow drying, there is a wide world of brushes and combs out there…

Find the perfect brush and comb for you here.

10. Mousse

Mousse is our mother’s favourite hair product for a reason – it really is a wonder product. From giving natural-looking style and definition, bouncy volume and body, and giving you gentle control over your hair, mousse can make your hair look fresh in an instant. Different hair will need different mousse – thick and curly hair needs a more heavy-duty mousse than thin hair – but it’s a product that will seriously improve your styling skills.

Buy hair mousse here.

11. Hair removal tools

For those of us who choose to remove hair, being on top of your hair game means being on top of your hair removal methods. While shaving and waxing are fine, once you get your hands on an at-home light-based hair removal machine, you won’t be able to go back, as it makes more permanently removing hair easier to do from the comfort of your own bathroom.

Check out hair removal tools here.

12. Dry shampoo

It’s Thursday morning and you’re running late for work. There was no milk for your morning coffee, you can’t find your car keys, and to top it off, your hair is unwashed and looking drab. This is where dry shampoo comes in and saves the day. Working like a pick-me-up for your hair, simply spray dry shampoo in at your roots to clean your hair and scalp, freshen up with a nice scent and give your ‘do much-needed bounce and shine. It’s a saviour product and once you’ve tried it, you won’t know how you used to make it to hair washing day without it.

Browse different dry shampoo here.

13. Clippers

Hair Care is important for men, too. The difference between a wild, unstyled beard and a trimmed, neat beard is night and day. From completely shaved or a nice buzz cut to a nice number four fade ‘do, clippers make trimming hair at home super easy.

Buy clippers here.

14. Hairdryer

Seeking a hair dryer that can deliver a salon-style blowout from your bedroom? Look for a hairdryer with variable speeds and heat settings so you have high levels of control, as well as a lightweight, long cord length, and range of styling attachments.

Look at a range of hairdryers here.

15. Heated brushes

Combining straightening and curling tools with the ease of brushing your hair has resulted in heated brushes; Some of them use air drying features as well – but don’t worry, not like wet-to-dry straighteners – where you roughly dry your hair with a hairdryer, and finish it off with your heated brush, giving you salon-style results in half the time.

Buy heated brushes here.

16. Hair accessories

The easiest way to seriously lift your hair game is to add hair accessories. From clips and scrunchies to headbands and hair ties, accessories allow you to show some personality with your hair, without dying or drastically changing the style.

Check out cute hair accessories here.

17. Value packs

Buying all of the products needed to improve the look and health of your hair can get overwhelming, and that’s exactly where value packs come in. Giving you the ability to buy a shampoo and conditioner pack, or a haircare package with treatments and other essential products makes stocking up on hair product a breeze, and also way more affordable.

Find all the value packs here.

18. Gifts for her

It can be hard enough buying hair care products for your own hair, so buying for someone else stressful. But, with a carefully curated bunch of gifts that are made for all kinds of women, Hairhouse has you covered. Packs of product from fave brands, styling tool kits and accessory packs make up just some of the gifts you can give to the special lady in your life, during the holidays or year ’round.

Check out hair gift packs for her here.

19. Premium brands

The biggest mistake people can make with their hair is using products with damaging ingredients or damaging properties. Using a chemical-filled shampoo and a heated hair tool without high-quality heating plates is a really good way to mess up your hair and make your hairstylist mad at you. To avoid this, buying from trusted, respectable brands is a must. Luckily, Hairhouse carries the best range of quality brands, so you can shop with peace of mind.

Buy trusted hair care brands here.

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