19 Things Everyone Who’s Disturbingly Close To Their Best Friend Will Relate To

August 8, 2017

We’re close. Maybe even too close. 

They say we get to choose our friends, but not our families; but for many of us, our friends are the very truest form of family we’ll ever have.

Call them sistas from another mistas, or brothers from other mothers; there’s no denying the fact for the lucky few of us who’ve met a friend soulmate, nothing – not space, time, or life’s obstacles – can undo the bond we share.

And it’s the purest sign of undying friendship love when you can both attest to your relationship being freakishly strong; like, to the point where…

1. You don’t have to ask to come over anymore, you just turn up at each others’ homes

come on over best friend

2. In fact, you don’t even knock, you just walk right in. You might have even come home to find them already in your house before.

why are you here best friend

3. You know everything about each other – absolutely E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

know everything best friends

4. You’re pros at being each other’s wingman when you want to pick up.

lets go get em best friends

5. And when one of you gets lucky, it’s almost like both of you were there, because every little detail is shared.

talking about sex best friends

6. You consider each other to be more than friends, and are basically sisters.

sisters best friends

7. And your families agree, and have welcomed you with open arms.

welcome to the family best friend

8. You’ve spent entire evenings on the phone with each other before.

on the phone best friends

9. And have totally planned to or have traveled together.

travel with friends

10. You’ve been there for each other during horrible breakups and other bad moments, even when one of you was being painfully needy.

supportive friend

11. And made each other laugh until you cried on more than one occasion.

laughing friends

12. You essentially share a wardrobe.

share wardrobe gif

13. And have spent many a Saturday night out on the town together.

night out friends

14. Or curled up on the couch watching Netflix and binge-eating chocolate together.

binge eat friends

15. You know each other so well you can communicate through nothing more than a look.

friends sharing a look gif

16. People have probably assumed you two are in a relationship at times because you’re so close.

lesbian friends gif

17. And you’ve definitely seen each other naked.

seen me naked gif friends

18. They are the keeper of all of your secrets, even your most embarrassing, cringe-worthy ones.

secrets safe with me friends

19. And you know that no matter what happens, they’ve always got your back.

i've got your back friends

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Comment: Do you have a friend you’re disturbingly close to? 

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