19 Things That Drive Every Introvert Nuts

February 4, 2016

I hate people.

Being an introvert is confusing for everyone, often even to those of us who are introverts ourselves.

Sometimes you feel sociable and can fizz up a party as effortlessly as an extrovert who loves being the centre of attention. But that’s just not the real you.

Most of the time, you’re happy with your own head for company. You find being with other people draining, and you’d rather mull over your own thoughts, walk, write or read. If you’ve ever frustratedly wondered why the hell people can’t understand that, chances are, these 19 things drive you bat crap crazy…

1. When your phone rings out of the blue…

2. Which is frustrating as hell, because you’re super busy. On your sofa. Eating.

3. When someone asks you to go out for the second night IN A ROW. Who does that?!!

4. Obviously you’ve made plans to stay in and recharge your batteries. Duh!

5. When someone turns up at your place *gasp* unannounced.

6. You were in the middle of doing something very important.

7. Being forced to analyze your day to work out whether your brain can handle additional people time.

8. Having to listen to everyone talk, all the time…

9. Why can’t anyone just enjoy the silence?

10. When you have to mentally prepare to go to a packed party with loud conversations.

11. When you make plans to see friends. And then they bring MORE PEOPLE with them.

12. Having to constantly explain that you’re not a snob.

13. Ditto, unsociable.

14. And the sheer brain drain from having to perpetually explain yourself in general.

15. Feeling like no one on the planet understands you (maybe it’s because they’re too busy talking).

16. Dealing with the fact that, no matter what you do, people will always think you’re weird.

17. Being forced to make a decision that suits the group.

18. Going for drinks in a noisy bar to appease friends when you’d much rather go for a walk in the park.

19. In fact, doing anything that doesn’t include alone time. Because at the end of the day, the best company, is your own. Preferably on the couch, watching Netflix.

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