19 Things You Only Do With Your Best Friend

February 23, 2017

Because you know she loves you no matter what.

Romantic partners are nice and all, but let’s face it: there are times when you want your best friend, not your boyfriend, to  be there for you.

With a boyfriend, you want to maintain a little mystery. You don’t want him to see you dry-heaving over a toilet, for example, or lying around crying, wearing the same sweaty pajamas you’ve been in for three days after losing out on that dream job you interviewed for. Can you discuss your menstrual cycle in intimate detail with your boyfriend? No, you cannot.

It’s only with a best friend you can really let your freak flag fly, knowing you’ll still be loved. And not just that. You know she’d do anything for you, and she’ll always be honest with you, no matter how brutal the truth may be. Do your fave boots make your legs look stumpy? She’ll level with you. Giant zit swelling up in a spot you can’t reach? She’ll pop that sucker. Bangs not your best look? She’ll talk you off the ledge next time you’re determined to get them. New guy you’re head over heels for is a complete fuckwad? She’ll keep her mouth shut until you’re ready to hear it.

Here are 19 things you can only do with your bestie…

1. Ask her to smell-check your pits.

2. Take out your bad mood on her, knowing she won’t hold it against you later.

3. Tell her when there’s something in her teeth – and help her get it out.

4. Freak out when your period blood is a weird shade.

5. Shamelessly stalk your ex and his new girlfriend together all over the internet.

6. Show her pictures of your boyfriend’s exes and make her swear you’re prettier than they are.

7. Pee in front of each other.

8. Lose your shit over something completely idiotic and not feel embarrassed about it later.

9. Laugh over dumb stuff that no one else understands.

10. Talk about your weird bathroom problems.

11. Sync up your cycles.

12. Have a huge screaming fight and then forget about it the next day, because you know you were both just PMSing.

13. Sleep curled up together in the same bed with zero sexual tension.

14. Ask her to tell you the truth about your potentially disastrous new haircut.

15. Deconstruct text messages from boys, for hours.

16. Make extremely rude and inappropriate jokes without worrying you’ll offend her.

17. Discuss all the kinky things you like to do, in intimate detail. (Anal sex, anyone?)

18. Confess your guiltiest and most shameful secrets to one another.

19. Know she’ll always be there for you, no matter what, ’cause she’s your sista from another mista.

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Comment: What weird things do you and your bestie do together?


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