2002 Oscars De-Brief

March 26, 2002

The SheSaid team had a media black out at SheSaid HQ yesterday so we could all be surprised by who won what at the Oscars. By 12.30am we had eaten too many nibbles and drunk too much wine and we were all left wondering why we bothered to stay up. The 74th Academy Awards was the longest and most boring awards show in years. To spice up the night, the SheSaid team gave its own awards. And the winners are:

The Bad Hair Award – Tom Cruise

The questions on all of our lips – ‘Has Tom developed a slight lisp since he started wearing braces?’ and ‘Where was Penelope?’

Sexiest Single Presenter – Benito Del Toro

He still stops traffic!

Lady in Red Award – Kate Winslet

Looked stunning, happy and relaxed!

Best Speech – Jennifer Connelly

Although we thought she looked very skinny and slightly drawn.

Worst Speech – Halle Berry

Not since Gwyneth thanked her dead Grandpa and her cat has someone so embarrassed herself as Hallie Berry did last night. Surely she had an inkling she was going to win? Obvious disappointment for the SheSaid team that Nic didn’t nab this one as we know she wouldn’t have carried on and on and on and on …

Best Just Got Outta Bed Hair – as always Cameron Diaz wins this one.

The floral frock she was wearing looked fabulous and we love the way she oozes confidence and always looks like she is just there to party!

Best Animated Movie – Shrek

Not just a kid’s movie Shrek combined amazing animation, with clever dialogue. The comedic talents of Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, and Cameron Diaz as the beautiful fair maiden! If you haven’t seen it yet – do so – you’ll be humming the sound track for days! Congrats too, to the Academy for recognising this genre with this new category.

Musical Extravaganza

Sting – So Sexy

Enya – Always reminds us of being at the (beauty) therapist

Faith Hill – Divine looking and with great voice. ‘A girl can never wear too many diamonds.’

Potential Mariah Carey Award – Jennifer Lopez

Is J.Lo the next Mariah Carey? What did she instruct her hairdresser? Make it BIG? ‘The higher the hair – the closer to God’? What was she thinking?

Most in Need Of Bra Award – Gwyneth Paltrow

What was with that see-through black top? Great skirt that surely could have been matched with a fabulous top – maybe sequins? She is famous for her pink Ralph Lauren frock from a few years ago as well as for the Hallie Berry-type thank you speech.

A Beautiful Girlfriend – Danielle Spencer

Our Danielle nearly stole the night from Russ with her classy outfit, beautiful jewellery (all her own Russ assures us, even if he did buy it!) and best of all her huge smile as she is obviously so proud of her boy! Great to see! Stop Press: In the lead up to the award ceremony, a SheSaid team member vowed that she would set fire to her hair if Russ didn’t scoop the Best Actor award this time around. Exclusive pics coming soon!

Classiest Presenters – Sharon Stone and John Travolta looked like a million bucks! It’s obvious the two experienced actors were there to have fun, enjoy the night and look fantastic together.

Most Obvious Plastic Surgery – a photo finish between Sissy Spacek and Babs Streisand who beat Robert Redford’s eye job by a nose. It would be nice to see actors aging gracefully.

SheSaid Best Dressed Awards

  • Kate Winslet
  • Hallie Berry
  • Danielle Spencer
  • Nicole Kidman

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