2006 – Put the “life” back into lifestyle con’t

January 24, 2006

2006 – Put the “life” back into lifestyle con’t

1. FEEL IT – Assess how you ?feel? when you do something rather than how it ?looks? to others. If you hate yoga, try something, anything, everything else until you discover what activity it is that gives you a rush of endorphins. I suggest to people they try a different thing every second day for two weeks. It will be obvious which ones you like, which you don?t and which ones you could do regularly.
2. GET OUT ? often gym based workouts or set classes are done inside and although it’s difficult to do a weights session without all the equipment, try to select two of your workout sessions every week for a month, and do them outside. It?s Summer, indulge yourself. Interior based sessions feel monotonous, contrived and restricted. Hit the beach, the park or the pool and look forward to your workout becoming exciting and invigorating again.
3. LOSE THE MIRROR ? I don?t mean do not look in the mirror, I mean stop focusing on you. A perfect lifestyle person is very me, me, me, and not in a horrible selfish way ? rather a self-critical way. Give yourself a break, and try looking at others around you. Could you be doing something for someone else instead? Take a friend for a run with you, ask them to do pilates with you, or help them in the garden/move house/renovate.
4. RANDOM BURST ? we are so used to being a certain way, doing the same things, with the same people. Try something that will scare you or challenge you, learn something. Blue Mountains 2 or 7 km trail walk, try whitewater rafting in Parramatta indoor rapids, get a surfing lesson, do a cooking class. An adrenaline hit and walking to and from destinations can be just as fat burning, toning and active as 2 hrs on the treadmill. It?s just a hell of a lot more fun.
5. STUPID INJECTION ? inject something silly into your day. I know that sounds well, silly ? that?s the point. Hit stupidvideo.com or watch ?Whose Line is it Anyway?? Wear something that is funny rather than fashionable or sing out loud on your way to work. The kind of release you get from laughing and feeling happy for no reason is pure heaven.

Of course, we all have to achieve a lot, look & feel our best ? but sometimes our approach is a little suffocated. Give yourself the permission to not care so much about the popular opinion ? and care about the life you are living in. You only get one!

By Kylie Jaye

Kylie Jaye, 33, is the producer and host of Pilates TV and Yoga TV. She has just launched the entire Pilates TV class schedule on DVD, distributed by Warner Music. Now there?s no excuse for missing classes! There are 15 DVDs to choose from ? each with a different emphasis and specific programme. www.pilatestv.com.au

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