2006 – Put the “life” back into lifestyle

January 24, 2006

2006 – Put the “life” back into lifestyle

She is always impeccably dressed, completely coordinated, branded to beyond. It?s rare to see her in basic jeans and I would be shocked if she ventured past the letter box without makeup. That?s not the part that makes me uncomfortable either!

Add to this super-surface, a life jammed so tight with all the right things that it?s a veritable pickle jar of ?must-do? lifestyle preserves such as daily yoga sessions and twice-weekly personal pilates instructor, a low-carb eating plan and drinks at the hottest new happening place on Friday night etc. Her uber-fit man, and her svelte self were last seen taking the latest weekend car for a drive to somewhere quaint to eat something exotic, off exclusive hand made ecru-toned stoneware? you get the picture.

On our last catch up she revealed a crack in her superwoman existence (there is a God!) ? she was exhausted, and worse, not having fun.

This posed the question ? are we so darn obsessed with achieving the perfect ?lifestyle? that we are not really ?living? inside of it?

I concluded that perhaps we had forgotten that lifestyle is not all about interior decorating, minimal design and superficial beauty. I had to agree that of late, the word ?lifestyle? is bantered around like a synonym for ?expensive? or ?leading designer objects?, rather than used as a word to describe all kinds of ways to live life ? and rather poignantly – a life you enjoy!

2006 – Put the “life” back into lifestyle con’t

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