2010 Golden Globes and more gossip!

December 17, 2009

Golden Globe nominations!

Yay for Aussie actor Simon Baker who has been nominated in the Best TV Actor category for the 2010 Golden Globes. Other Aussies, Nicole Kidman and Abbie Cornish, were not nominated in the film categories for their appearance in “Nine” and “Bright Star”.

George Clooney’s new drama “Up In The Air” grabbed six nominations while the movie extravaganza from James Cameron “Avatar” has received four nominations. “Nine” finished with five nominations whilst World War II saga “Inglourious Basterds” got four. Best director nominations went to Kathryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker”), James Cameron (“Avatar”), Clint Eastwood (Invictus), Jason Reitman (“Up In The Air”) and Quentin Tarantino (“Inglourious Basterds”).

Can’t wait to see the GGs on January 17 which will be hosted by comic actor Ricky Gervais for the first time!

Uma no longer engaged

Too controlling or spending too much cash? That’s the question on everyone’s lips as actress Uma Thurman announces the end of her engagement to global financier, Arpad Busson. The `Kill Bill’ actress reportedly split with him because she was tired of him trying to take over her life and telling her what to do. According to a “source” he wanted to make drastic changes to Uma’s house without even consulting her, including bringing in his own chef and security. That’s two beautiful women he has let slip through his fingers after having broken Elle Macpherson’s heart, too.

Kate Hudson has reportedly split from Alex Rodriguez

Kate Hudson seems set to be single for the holidays yet again as the actress and the New York Yankees baseball star are said to have called time on their seven-month relationship. An onlooker at a Miami restaurant said of the sportsman’s behaviour over the weekend: “He flirted with a blonde all night at dinner and seemed very much single. They seemed very much done.” Representatives for the couple are yet to comment, but a source said: “They are totally over.”

Suri’s zoo day!

When your Dad is one of the most powerful actors in the world a trip to the zoo is even exciting! Whilst visiting her Dad in Spain recently Suri Cruise was treated to a day at Guillena Mundo Park Zoo in Seville, all by herself! The Zoo closed down for the day so the three-year-old and her entourage (her parents) could have the place all to themselves. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “lucky girl”!

Gerard Butler’s semi-charmed life

Scottish actor Gerard Butler, 40, recently explained how he came into acting: “I graduated with a law degree and then did a diploma. While I was working as a lawyer, to be perfectly honest, I was sacked before I qualified. But that gave me the perfect opportunity to let the universe have its wicked way with me which was great because I’d always wanted to get into acting.” Butler, whose latest film ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ sees him play a vengeful sociopath wreaking havoc on Philadelphia, has enjoyed a sharp rise to fame and says it can be tough dealing with media speculation over his private life.

“I’m not saying I’m an angel,” he grinned. “But when I read about some of the things I’m supposed to have done I think ‘I really wish I had the time.’” The rumour mills have been particularly busy since Butler’s recent holiday to India where he was linked to Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra. “India is definitely up there in my top two or three places on the planet. The people are beautiful. I love its spirituality,” he said. “Priyanka has been a very, very good friend and that [gossip] was annoying,” he added.

Tom Brady talks about the birth of his son

Tom Brady says watching wife Gisele Bundchen give birth was one of the greatest experiences of his life. He said: “It is a wonderful experience in my life. It went great. I didn’t get much sleep, but I think that’s most of us around here this time of year. I think everyone is doing well.” The couple are still yet to name their son despite welcoming him into the world almost a week ago. What should they name their son?

Sir Elton John is the top male gay icon of all time

A spokesperson from www.OnePoll.com – who commissioned the survey of over 5,000 gay men and women – said: “Interestingly only one of the men in the top 10 list of male celebrity gay icons isn’t gay – David Beckham. And yet most of the women put on a pedestal by the gay community are straight.
“It just shows that to advocate a certain way of living, you don’t have to live the lifestyle but simply be more accepting of those around you.”

Do you agree with the choices?

Top Ten Male Celebrity Gay Icons of All Time:

1. Elton John

2. Freddie Mercury

3. Stephen Fry

4. George Michael

5. Oscar Wilde

6. Will Young

7. Alan Carr

8. Paul O’Grady

9. Boy George

10. David Beckham

Top Ten Female Celebrity Gay Icons:

1. Judy Garland

2. Kylie Minogue

3. Madonna

4. Cher

5. Liza Minnelli

6. Marilyn Monroe

7. Shirley Bassey

8. Lily Savage

9. Dusty Springfield

10. Barbra Streisand

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