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January 4, 2010

Where’s the best place to enjoy some sun, fun and shopping this year? The folks at Intrepid Travel let us in on all the must-visit destinations.

Intrepid Travel has analysed its sales from 2009 and has identified that adventures in Borneo, active holidays in Peru and surprisingly great value North America and Iceland will emerge as the new travel hot spots in 2010.

Best short-haul destination

2009 saw sales to Borneo boom, with the number of passengers on Intrepid Travel’s Borneo Family Adventure more than doubling.

“Asia holds great appeal for Aussies wanting to enjoy an intoxicating mix of wildlife, food, culture and beaches at a great price. In recent years, Vietnam has eclipsed Thailand as our number one Asian destination but the big mover in 2009 was Borneo,” said Eliza Anderson, spokesperson for Intrepid Travel.

Best long-haul destination

Egypt was the big long-haul mover for Intrepid Travel in 2009. Overall, its sales to Egypt grew by 18% and it finished the year strong with 47% sales growth in December compared to the same period as last year.

“It seems that Obama’s presence in the White House has cooled tensions between the Middle East and the West. Travellers’ disinterest has also cooled and we expect that Egypt, along with Jordan, Syria, Algeria and Iran, will continue to grow in 2010,” said Eliza Anderson.

Best active adventure destination

Trekking was the big active holiday choice in 2009 and Peru was the star performer for Intrepid Travel. More travellers chose to follow in the footsteps of the Incas and trek to Macchu Pichu than chose to trek in Nepal.

“There is no doubt that Nepal’s geography with the soaring Himalayas is spectacular but travellers are showing a preference for Macchu Pichu. It combines majestic mountains with ancient ruins and active travellers love it,” said Eliza Anderson.

Passenger on active adventures to Macchu Pichu grew by 35% in 2009 compared to 3.5% growth in passengers on active adventures in Nepal.

Best value destination

Economists are predicting the Australian and US dollars will hit parity in 2010. This, coupled with cheap airfares across the Atlantic, makes it a far more realistic for budget-conscious travellers in 2010.

“If you’ve ever wanted to go, now is the time. Intrepid Travel’s trips make accessing this massive country easy as we criss-cross the US, experiencing its diversity from awe-inspiring national parks to equally fascinating cities,” said Eliza Anderson

On the flip-side, Iceland is a surprising inclusion in Intrepid Travel’s 2010 hot list. With the collapse of its currency in 2009, travelling to Iceland has become far more affordable.

“Intrepid Travel has a 10-day Iceland adventure that is 22% cheaper in 2010 than it was in 2009,” said Eliza Anderson.

Do you have a holiday planned for 2010? Where to?

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