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21 Frustrations Only Extroverts Understand

21 Frustrations Only Extroverts Understand

Am I talking too much? 

Being an extrovert is exhausting. Not just because you’re constantly out partying, socializing or organizing some sort of get-together, but because as your friends get older and more settled, it’s increasingly difficult to find people who can keep up with your go-go-go lifestyle.

Even still, you wouldn’t give it up for the world, because there are few things in life more enjoyable to an extrovert than the thrill of swinging open the door and announcing, “Let’s get this party STARTED!” And who wants to be lying on their deathbed thinking, ‘Gee, I’m sure glad I stayed in and had all those Netflix marathons’?! These are the struggles only you understand…

1. Getting off work on a Friday, ready to party on, and all your friends are like, “I’m just sooo tired, think I’m going to have an early one.”

2. People thinking you’re ‘intense’ and ‘needy’ because you constantly have to be around people.

3. Trying to comprehend it when a friend says their idea of the perfect night is ordering take out and staying in to watch Netflix.

4. When someone cancels plans with you at the last minute because they’re “too tired to drive”.


5. You, after more than ten minutes of forced alone time at home:

6. When you can’t chat to anyone at work because they’ve all put their headphones on.

7. Always having to be the one to get the dancefloor started at parties.

8. Never being able to experience an emotion without talking it out with at least seven different people.

9. When you meet up with someone for lunch to have a bitch fest and they say they’d prefer not to gossip.

10. You are literally incapable of exercising in silence, which means yoga, tai chi and anything self-reflective is off the cards.


11. Regularly being told you have a loud voice because you can’t engage in chatter without getting super excited and increasing your volume.

12. When you have a free weekend night and literally no one is available to go out.

13. Being the one constantly responsible for initiating and organizing get-togethers, otherwise you’d have to go weeks without seeing your friends because no one else is as motivated as you are to socialize.

14. Being seen as clingy because you always need to be in contact with people.

15. When friends are only willing to hang out if it means binge watching Homeland on the couch together.

16. Having zero filter because the need to immediately express your opinions overrides everything else.

17. Arriving home from an action-packed day and having no one to have a wine with and talk to.

18. When someone asks you to be quiet and you literally have to hold your breath to stop talking.

19. When a friend gets coupled off and no longer wants to do anything except stay in with her bae.

20. Being seen as superficial ’cause you’re always partying and gossiping.

21. Even though you totally have a serious side. Well, kinda.


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