21 Struggles Anyone Who’s Sat Through A BS Work Meeting Understands

May 2, 2017

Gouging my eyes out with ice picks is more appealing than another minute of this Powerpoint.

Whether you scored yourself a dream work sitch or hate your job with the fire of a thousand hells, there are some pet peeves universal to every employee.

We’ve all wished our frustratingly lengthy commute was shorter, lamented the day a totally unbearable boss gave us yet another talking to, or silently seethed over getting overlooked for a pay rise. And one thing everyone who’s ever had the misfortune of experiencing will attest to, is that long, BS work meetings are the absolute WORST

They never run on time, interrupt the day, are completely pointless, and if you don’t literally die of boredom during one, chances are you’ll envision ensuring one of your fellow staffers does. If you’re currently nodding along, chances are you can relate to the following…

1. When you get the email notification saying you have a meeting that day:

2. And you realize now you will struggle to get your work done on time.


3. Trying to figure out if a morning or afternoon meeting is worse.

4. And then getting hit with both on the same day.

5. When you think you’re hiding your boredom well:


6. Then you’re asked to do a presentation.

7. But you know exactly how you’re going to exert the least possible effort and energy doing it…

8. The knowledge that the entire meeting is complete and utter freaking BS:


9. That moment someone asks you to contribute your thoughts:

10. How you pretend to be paying attention when something important is being said:

11. When the meeting’s still going and it just went 5p.m.:

12. Mentally preparing for mid-year company meetings:


13. That moment your boss asks “Does anyone have anything to add?” and someone actually responds:

14. Those meetings where no one really seems sure why they are all even there in the first place…

15. And everyone is just sort of looking blankly at your boss, like:

16. When the guy from accounting you hate starts his presentation:


17. When the meeting has been going on and on for ages and you just can’t take it anymore.

18. When the meeting is coming to an end and then someone asks a question:


19. That moment you look around the room and notice people have been taking notes but you’ve got nothing.


21. But you get back to your desk and see a calendar notification for a follow-up meeting next week…

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Comment: What’s your biggest pet peeve about work meetings? 


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