21 Vagina Facts You NEED To Know

May 9, 2019

Number 18 may make you question your entire existence. Just sayin’.


I love saying that word. Mainly because it freaks people out. Say “dick” and barely anyone blinks an eyelid. But the ‘V’ word? Now, that’s just crass!

Or at least, that’s what we’ve been socialized to believe.

It’s little wonder then, that a recent study found almost 50 percent of women were unable to correctly label their own vaginal anatomy on a diagram (my soul weeps for the women who didn’t know where the clit was) or that an estimated 30 percent of women regularly have painful sex and simply put up with it.

So, in the interest of getting to know some very important – if not critical – things about our own bodies (FYI – if you’re a man with a partner who has a vagina, you should read this too) here’s 21 things you NEED to know about your vag.

Get ready for a few surprises…

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Image and media via neatorama.com and youtube.com.

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