22 Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair That Are Perfect For Work And Play

June 5, 2017

 So you’re always ready for those after work drinks.

Long, shiny hair is something most women strive for at some point in our lives, willing to go through months of growing out our cute, short haircuts – even if our locks tend to look quite awkward during that time.

But when we finally reach our dream length, it tends to open a Pandora’s box of new hairstyle possibilities we’re inevitably too time-poor to explore. Especially on boring work days where all we do is sit in front of a computer, a quick ponytail often seems like the most attractive option.

So if you’re lacking inspo and sick of sporting the same tried-and-true up-do, here are 22 long hairstyle ideas that’ll look equally on-point, whether you’re at the office or headed out for cocktails…

1. This side braid.

2. This cute bow.

3. This textured twist.

4. This sleek ponytail.

5. This messy bun.

6. This romantic ‘do.

7. This bohemian beauty.

8. This voluminous half-up ‘do.

9. This grown-up take on pigtails.

10. This loose bun.

11. This chic top knot.

12. This hair cascade.

13. These pretty details.

14. This ponytail perfection.

15. This effortless knot.

16. This vintage vibe.

17. This glossy look.

18. This modern chignon.

19. This sexy back.

20. This elegant bun.

21. This braid trio.

22. And this classic perfection.

Images via pinterest.com, instagram.com.

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