22 Times Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Were #CoupleGoals

Nadine Dilong

Can these two get any more perfect?

In a time when there’s a new celeb divorce every week, we love seeing famous couples who seem to be madly in love, even a decade into their relationship, just like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

Not only are the two incredibly good looking, crazy successful, and at the same time super down to earth, but they also love sharing their everyday life with us.

From cooking together to Chrissy falling asleep on John’s shoulder during the Oscars or just chilling at home, the Teigen-Legends are the epitome of #couplegoals and the definition of true love.

They aren’t shy to post about the not-so-glam moments in life reminding us they’re just like us, and even when they go all out and post fancy pics on private planes or in luxurious hotels, we can’t help but love them even more.

Since the birth of their now 11 months-old daughter Luna, the couple’s social media accounts have become even more adorable, making us swoon every time we see one of their posts… #WeCan’tEven

1. When they just chill at home.


2. When they wear ridiculous jumpsuits.


3. When Chrissy wiped John’s onion-cutting tears away.


4. When they travel together.


5. When John bought Chrissy a cheese wheel.


6. When John planned a mystery date.


7. When they like each other’s tweets.

8. When they sing together.

9. When they share holiday pics with baby Luna.


10. When John helped drunk Chrissy get undressed.

11. When they hold hands.


12. When they posed for this funny pic.

13. When they spread love.


14. When they shared this sexy photo.


15. When they went to the Super Bowl together.

16. When they announced their pregnancy.


17. When they just stayed in bed all day.

18. When they went back to the set of John’s song All Of Me.


19. When they dressed up Luna for Christmas.


20. When John carried Chrissy.


21. When they take cute selfies.


22. And when they just look perfect together.


Images via instagram.com, twitter.com.